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That nudity  mod elder 3 adds to Morrowind elder 3 addon Koranas dawn partner. So there are two variants of nudity morrowind another varying textures as well.


Dawn Companion Nude Patch README

Created by : Richard Beveridge (aka, thefunkyone)


This nude mod elder 3 morrowind adds nudity to Korana’s dawn companion. also there is 2 other varying degrees of nudity textures as well.

Installation Nude mod elder 3 morrowind :

First of all you need the Dawn companion plugin you can get it here ->

Now there are 3 different textures in the patch…. : This file makes Dawn completely naked (she still has the tattoo above her ass)

Dawn-Naked (just stockings).dds : Like the above file Dawn is naked but she still has her garter belt stockings on her legs. : This is basicly Dawn clothed but her clothing has been changed so you can see her tits and pussy

Once you have choosen the texture you want rename it to “”, go into the Data Files\Textures folder and delete (or backup) the file “KO_BB_Dawn.tga” and replace it with the nude texture that you renamed. Now when you are in-game and remove all off Dawns equipable clothes she will be Nude.

To remove the patch just remove the modified “” and replace it with the original Dawn Texture.


Korana : The original creator of Dawn
The better bodies team : for the original Textures !

Nude Mod Elder 3 Morrowind
Nude Mod Elder 3 Morrowind
273.6 KB

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