Arx Fatalis nudity patch

Nude patch for Arx Fatalis, more info in the howto.txt More info are in the zip


Nude Skins by Denadin  3/2003
All Female characters nude and topless Lady Snake

How to install  Arx Fatalis nudity patch

Unzip The “Game” and “Graph” folders and paste them in the
Arx Fatalis game directory. For example- C:/Program Files/
Jowood/ Arx Fatalis/……..

This nude patch was made by using the ArxPak Viewer v.506
The female nude skin was in the original game files and the
Snake Lady I had painted using Photoshop.

This nude patch can be distributed freely as long as it is
unaltered, in its original form and credited to Denadin.


Arx Fatalis Nudity Patch
Arx Fatalis Nudity Patch
916.5 KB

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