Blood Rayne 2 nude patch Black

Full Nude patch in a black outfit.
The outfit is also included in Denadins version 4. Thanks to the author Denadin.



Nude Skin by Denadin  3/2005

BloodRayne 2 Demo (english)

Full Nude Rayne in sheer Black..”Nude Black”


Before you do anything, go to the BloodRayne 2 demo game directory
and copy two files as a backup; LANGUAGE.POD AND W32ENSND.POD in a
separate folder. To restore the game to its original you can install
these files back.
Next you will need to rename these 2 files:

w32ensnd.pod > language.pod

language.pod > w32ensnd.pod
You can do this by right clicking the mouse on the file and select
“Rename”. Then type in the new changes.

When the 2 file changes are done install the “Nude” W32ENSND.POD file
from either “Nude Black” folder and copy the file in the
BloodRayne 2 Demo’s game directory.

It will overwrite the w32ensnd.pod file there.

If you choose to switch skins, simply repeat from another folder.

Nude Blood Rayne is install and you can start the game. Enjoy!

Blood Rayne 2 Nude Patch Black
Blood Rayne 2 Nude Patch Black
598.6 KB

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