BooB Naked Raider

Another Full of Dark Nude patch genes. Naked Raider patch will remove all clothing from Lara. TexMod is needed.


Read this First about Naked Raider

Start Texmod.exe.


Target Application:
Select the trl.exe in the Folder where TR-Annivesary is installed.

Select Package:
I put all of my .tpf files in the same folder, that way they are easy to find.
click on the Folder button and browse for the BooB Raider.tpf and double click it…

Start the Game:
Mark the Boobs naked Raider Package Name and click on RUN…
For the TRA Demo.  Done for the members of

Regards 🙂 dark gene

P.S. you need the the updated version of TexMod, available in the downloads section.

Boob Naked Raider
Boob Naked Raider
1.5 MB

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