Duke Nukem patch

According to the description of this patch, the dancers in the bar, completely undressed.

Note: This patch applies to Duke Nukem 3D.


DESCRIPTION Duke Nukem patch

Makes the dancers in the bar TOTALLY nude.

INSTRUCTIONS Duke Nukem patch
Copy TILES005.ART into your duke nukem directory and play!

Paint Shop Pro for the main graphics and EditArt for the transparent

DISTRIBUTION / copyright
You may distribute DNNUDE10.ZIP via BBS, FTP, http, floppy, cd, etc… All files must
be included and this text file must be intact.

Duke Nukem Patch
Duke Nukem Patch
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1 thought on “Duke Nukem patch”

  1. I wouldn’t bother with this one, crude MS paint art and the breasts looked better before when she only flashes them.

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