Sheva resident evil 5 nude mod

Version 3 of the resident evil 5 nude mod deprived of Sheva. This time with even less clothing (Whether that is good or bad it is sometimes an open question). sheva alomar nude mod


Resident Evil 5

Mod – Sheva Natural Nude ver 4 (Garment only)
Author – Gantw and simplesim
Date – 07 Nov 2009


Sheva Natural Nude Ver 4 is the same as version-3a but only difference is with the garment to cover the body and leg joint.

Sheva Natural Nude ver 4 can be used with the melee and bullet proof vest. It offers added protection ingame though you can’t see the vest on her. (The vests are not dummy addons)

Extra contents:
In this release, I’ve included 2 options to fix the neck. A neck choker with leopard print and a neck bandage with blood.
You choose either one of the neck fix, patch this neck fix addon last.

1. Install sheva natural nude mod ver2 (REQUIRED)
2. Patch the mod to sheva natural nude Ver 4 – Garment only
3. Patch the mod with your desired neck fix addon.

Installation Sheva resident evil 5 nude mod:

You will need to download Sheva Natural Nude MOD ver2 to setup the mods basic files before applying version 4.
After installing Sheva Natural Nude MOD ver2, copy the pawn folder from ver 4 and paste into nativepc\ and overwrite any old files. The same goes for the neck fix addon, just copy and paste and overwrite the old files.

You need to be in Sheva BSAA normal outfit to see the mod loaded. All my sheva’s mods are based on her BSAA Normal outfit, this way gamers can enjoy the mods without having to unlock the game to get costumes changed.

If you are offended by game nudity, please do not download and install Sheva Natural nude mod and all other updates.

This mod is intended for mature gamers only.

Please do not upload this mod to any other sites.

Sheva Resident Evil 5 Nude Mod Ver 3a
Sheva Resident Evil 5 Nude Mod Ver 3a
9.4 MB

4 thoughts on “Sheva resident evil 5 nude mod”

  1. I need some help with this mod, I need to know how this mod works. I was able to download a few mods from this website, but I still need help as to where to put certain files. I hope someone can help me out, I tried to install this mod, but it doesn’t work at all, I don’t know if it’s supposed to work right away to do you have to finish it off to unlock everything, only then will it work? Hopefully someone can help me out with it.

    Obviously it says to extract the files and I see of course the:


    and at least one or 2 other things. Is this mod supposed to start working right away or do you have to actually finish it off then the mod will work or does it supposed to start working right away?

  2. Probably in a file read me there are answers to all your questions..

    It is usually enough to copy a folder /pawn over the same folder in a /game-directory/pawn

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