Witcher nude patch

As the name implies, a Nude mod for the female characters of the witcher.

This is the same as the nude mod, but without any disturbing body hair.

The screenshot is symbolic.



Version 1.4 (Tanline’s)

For those looking for a more natural look for Adda, Shani, and Triss.

F.A.Q Witcher nude patch

Q. These textures where in the origanal game?

A. Yes but they where, but not nude. What I did was re-paint over the areas that where edited out. From what I understand some versions where edited more then others.

Q. Do Adda, Triss and Shani have to be naked all the time?

A. No. Delete the folder _meshes00 from the Data directory or dont install it at all.

Q. What about the nightgowns. Can I see them while Triss, Shani are sleeping but have them removed for the sex scenes?

A. I have not found a way to call for that at this time. However when the offical toolset is relased it should make that a do-able task.

Q. I have downloaded another nude mod, and the textures are the same as yours. Did you just add them to a zip file?

A. No. I painted these textures myself, using the origanal edited textures as a guide. Not to say that they didn’t end up in other places.

Witcher Nude Patch
Witcher Nude Patch
2.7 MB

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