Mod Blush Pack by Troll Paxton
This MPQ (“patch-g.mpq”) adds blushes to the girls of female face textures in World of Warcraft models. Girl`s Lips are also slightly reddened on some races. All races are included but not Tauren in this WOW nude mod Blush Pack.

Download “WOW nude mod Blush”

Patch for Warcraft MMO game Buff Females – Nude  mod Ver.
Artist: SwiftLippin

Gives female night elf and dreanei a more buff nude body.

World of Warcraft Compatibility for this nude mod: 2.4.3 Compliant

Download “Buff Females Nude mod”

Pack changes all Blood elf skins, male and female, to look like black Drow skin in this patch. All hair is white. Pack created by Troll Paxton for World of Warcraft

Download “Drow Blood elves skins pack”

This  Patch Modifies all Night elf skins, male and female, to look like black Drow skin. All hair is white color.

Artist: Troll Paxton

Download “Drow Nigth Elf skins”

There are in Leopard Tauren pack only for two variants of the Tauren Female (first 00 – black and second 10 – white)

Compatibility World of Warcraft:  Leopard Tauren patch pack requires extension update (.MPQ) to be 2.4.0 compliant

Download “Leopard Tauren”

Nude Males mod and hack from Skite2001

Download “Nude Males mod”

World of warcraft game not only for children, therefore to her independent artists had been let out hundreds various a nude patch. Which allow to take off clothes from girls of all races in this game, but also even from men. Some nude mods to world of warcraft allow to make yours the wet elf or to an orc very sexual armour and other erotic equipment.

Download “About World of Warcraft nude patches”

Patch: Troll Paxton`s Skin Pack

This patch for World of Warcraft (patch-u.mpq) puts back a bit of role skins and faces with custom-made ones. There’s no really formula to what is put back, it is for the most part just a collecting of the stuff I have done.

Download “Patch for skins and faces”

Troll Female Face Pack.  Replaces female Troll faces types 0-4. (patch-o.mpq) Note that this only changes player faces. Warcraft NPCs will look the same.
The face paint design is Dalehan’s

Download “Troll Female Face”

This nude patch makes yours the elf more wet from sudden passion and desire to fuck. Rather amusing and original show in World of Porncraft thanks for Wet Night Elf patch from  Arohk

Download “Wet Night Elf”

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