WOW Loading screen

Porncraft WOW Loading Screens

Short Story: This patch is a naked pack of Artwork which have been edited into Loading Screens. Nude mod replaces all of the in Warcraft game loading screens. I could asset which seemed to be in exercise. Details patch “Loading Screens” and etc: Compatibility: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

WOTLK Loading Screens for Horde

Nude Pack called Patchzer 5.0 WOW – WOTLK Loading Screens with same naked patch  (for Horde) Loading Skins Artwork Include: 4 HQ Loading-Screens: Kalimdor (Horde), Eastern kindoms (Human), Outlands (The Legion), Northtrend (The Scourge). For  3.0+ (World of Warcraft WotLK)

World of Warcraft Loading Screen

Loading Screen – Tempest Keep – World of Porncraft Edition Сhanges the Tempest Keep loading screen into one with a topless succubus pic and the WoP logo. Loading Screen Compatibility: 2.4.3 WOW BC Compliant ONLY