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Porncraft WOW Loading Screens

Short Story:
This patch is a naked pack of Artwork which have been edited into Loading Screens. Nude mod replaces all of the in Warcraft game loading screens. I could asset which seemed to be in exercise.
Details patch “Loading Screens” and etc:

Compatibility: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade


This nude mod has all of the World of Warcraft  Loading Screens replaced with assorted nude art-work that I got from the Porncraft drawings, nude patch pictures cropped to fit appropriately. There’s further a read me file, with a indicate that lists all of the archetypal creators of the distinct Porncraft works that, used in Loading Screens nude mod.


Take patch-l.mpq, and put it in your WorldofWarcraft\Data folder

None of the art in this pack is mine.  I simply edited it to fit the proportions of
the Blizzard Load Screens.  Below is a list of all of the correct artists, to the
best of my knowledge.

Ahn Qiraj20: Marstan
Ahn Qiraj40: lilicia
Arathi Basin: Arnaud Fayolle
Auchindoun: Azazel1944
Black Fathom Deeps: Unknown
Blackrock Depths: Senseibushido
Blackrock Spire: Art by, edits by R0n1n
Black Temple: Shanban1
Blackwing Lair: Azazel1944
Blades Edge Arena: Valo
Caverns of Time: Rain^2/BlackChain
Champions Hall: Michael Nothdurft
Coilfang: lilicia
Deadmines: Trixalla
Deeprun Tram: Color by Evildeadted,
Dire Maul: Schmierfink
Eastern Kingdom: Azazel1944
Gnomeregan: DeB
Gruul’s Lair: Shaksaag
Hall of Legends: Ricardo Landrell
Hellfire Citadel: Azazel1944
Magtheridon’s Lair: LuciousLips
Hyjal: Beastess
Kalimdor: lilfur
Karazhan: Oni
Maraudon: Schmierfink
Molten Core: Beastess
Scarlet Monastery: Azazel1944
Nagrand Arena: Coinkydink
Naxxramas: Azazel1944
Eye of the Storm: Shanban1
Outland: lilicia
Alterac Valley: nsq
Ragefire Chasm: Ackanime
Onyxia’s Lair: Azazel1944
Razorfen Downs: Trixalla
Razorfen Kraul: Beastess
Ruins of Lordaeron Arena: Shanban1
Scholomance: Azazel1944
Shadowfang Keep: Oni
Stockades: lilicia
Strathome: Azazel1944
Sunken Temple: Neph
Tempest Keep: Azazel1944
Uldaman: Pinakaguwaping
Wailing Caverns: Beastess
Warsong Gulch: Rain^2/BlackChain
Zul Aman: LazX
Zul Farrak: Asagiri
Zul Gurub: LazX

Porncraft Wow Loading Screens Mendellson
Porncraft Wow Loading Screens Mendellson
7.6 MB
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