WOW Clothing skins

Alternative Tier nudity patch

You can download Alternative nudity Tier Patch from Forra Changes assorted class sets: Transcendence, Plagueheart, Frostfire, Stormrage, Felheart, Faith, Bonescythe, Arcanist, Nemesis, Wrath, Might, Judgement, Leather Field Marshal, Deathdealer, Bloodfang, Netherwind, Plate Field Marshal, Dreamwalker, Prophecy. I had to usage a another, easier Nemesis edit out as of technological issues. Compatibility: World of Warcraft: The …

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Clothing nude patch for WOW

This is original of Clothing naked Pack (Ver. 14) from Troll Paxton Very interesting nude patch for wow because includes many updatings for all basic characters and styles of equipment from world of warcraft classics Compatibility: World of Warcraft: WOTLK

Collar BDSM WOW nude mod

Collars topless BDSM nude patch for Alliance Slaves starting outfits. All elves and other Alliance  races look very erotically in sex collars twisting their gentle necks. The patch makes world of warcraft more cheerful and opened for erotic and slaveholding imaginations. To look action a nude patch it is possible directly on start of a first location of WoW game. …

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WOW nude armor set

Classic  Arohk’s nude set armor. For Glad season 1-4, tier 1-6, pve dungeon set 1, 60 pvp gear and sets, some special leather clothes, and a few others. Compatibility: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Soo Sexy WoW nude patch

This mod called “Soo Sexy WoW” version 0.6 Sexy patch from Bra1nbug!! (Only Female Chapters!) A more revealing variant on Warcraft female armor tops and tits.