Clothing nude patch for WOW

This is original of Clothing naked Pack (Ver. 14) from Troll Paxton

Very interesting nude patch for wow because includes many updatings for all basic characters and styles of equipment from world of warcraft classics

Compatibility: World of Warcraft: WOTLK


This MPQ (“patch-p.mpq”) also called nude patch has textures which replaces  (female) clothing sets and gears with all various creations.

  • 1. Draenei starting paladin
    2. Nelf warrior starting
    3. Horde hunter starting
    4. Troll rogue starting
    5. Horde shaman starting
    6. “Heavy Weave Armor” and “Heavy Weave Pants” vendor cloth
    7. Alliance priest starting shirt and pants (not robe)
    8. “Tanned Leather Jerkin” and “Tanned Leather Pants” vendor leather
    9. “Brown Linen Shirt” and “Simple Linen Pants” tailored cloth
    10. “Azure Silk Vest” and “Azure Silk Pants” tailored cloth
    11. “Unadorned Chain Vest” and “Unadorned Chain Leggings” horde-only vendor mail
    12. “Cured Leather Armor” and “Cured Leather Pants” vendor leather
    13. Alliance mage starting -shirt- and Nelf starting -pants-
    14. Alliance hunter starting
    15. Alliance warrior starting (except Nelf)
    16. Alliance rogue starting
    17. Alliance and belf warlock starting
    18. “Padded Armor” and “Padded Pants” vendor cloth
    19. Belf priest starting
    20. “Rough Leather Vest” and “Rough Leather Pants” vendor leather
    21. “Brown Linen Vest” and “Brown Linen Pants” tailored cloth
    22. Belf rogue starting
    23. “Armor of the Fang” and “Leggings of the Fang” leather from Wailing Caverns
    24. “Thick Draenic Vest” and “Thick Draenic Pants” leatherworking crafted leather
    25. Draenei hunter and shaman starting
    26. “Thick Cloth Vest” and “Thick Cloth Pants” vendor cloth
    27. Belf starting paladin
    28. Horde (orc and forsaken) rogue starting
    29. Horde warrior starting
    30. Human paladin starting and “Cracked Leather Bracers” vendor leather
    31. Draenei warrior starting
    32. Druid starting (leaf shirt from priest starting outfit)
    33. “Sun Cured Vest” and “Sun Cured Pants” horde-only vendor leather
    34. “Cracked Leather Vest” and “Cracked Leather Pants” alliance-only vendor leather
    35. “Russet Vest” and “Russet Pants” vendor cloth
    36. “Barbaric Linen Vest”, “Handstitched Linen Britches”, “Linen Boots” tailored cloth
    37. Warrior arena season 1
    38. Hunter tier 4
    39. Shaman arena season 1
    40. Hunter arena season 1
    41. Rogue arena season 1
    42. Druid arena season 1
    43. Warrior tier 4
    44. Paladin arena season 1
    45. “Gray Woolen Shirt” and “Heavy Woolen Pants”
    46. “Festival Suit”
    47. Draenei mage starting
    48. Horde mage starting
Clothing Nude Patch For Wow Wotlk Trollpaxton
Clothing Nude Patch For Wow Wotlk Trollpaxton
1.4 MB

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