Whitemane Player Skin

Here you can download a Whitemane Player Nude Skin patch..


This skins pack changes HumanFemaleFaceLower00_00, HumanFemaleFaceUpper00_00, HumanFemaleSkin00_00, HumanFemaleNakedPelvisSkin00_00, HumanFemaleNakedTorsoSkin00_00 with Whitemane variant.

Nude skin created by  SwiftLippin

Whitemane Player Skin Swiftlippin
Whitemane Player Skin Swiftlippin
128.4 KB

1 thought on “Whitemane Player Skin”

  1. Why is this patch not working? ive tried everything but i cant find the Whitemain skin on any of my chars or or in the char maker :/

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