Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2: Nude Dancers mod

Mass Effect 2: this patch contains a fully nude reskin with collar and pumps required by the model. Added a version with thigh-high boots and gloves. Also included a separate, optional file that can update the giant animated screens in Afterlife (and the UI thumbnail) to feature naked dancers. Thanks to ExxonValdez.

Mass effect 2 nude mod

A see-through latex outfit for Miranda (Mass effect 2 nude mod). must be selected to use the seemingly non-white outfit. Note: Mass effect 2 nude mod requires TexMod (Not included in Mass effect 2

Miranda Mass effect 2 nude patch

The patch removes the pants of Miranda. Giant thanks to Vergil for the patch (Mass effect 2 nude patch). (Miranda Mass effect 2 nude patch needed TexMod not included in nude mod archive.)