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This tool presents complete overhaul to the character creation menu in Skyrim. The standard menu is quite sparse, but RaceMenu allows to fix it by changing the visual design and adding new features and many new sliders to customize the face and body. Required Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). Credits: Expired.


Blockhead is an OBSE plugin that adds support for gender variant head models and textures for NPCs. And allows free camera movement in the race/sex menu. And enables pain-free inventory idle overriding. And per-NPC/Race/scripted body/head texture/model overriding. And animation overriding. And equipment model overriding. Requires Oblivion Script Extender. Credits: shadeMe.

Oblivion Script Extender

The scripting language used by the original Oblivion game has a rather limited vocabulary and there are a lot of things it can’t do. So Oblivion Script Extender, or OBSE for short,  extends the scripting capabilities of the game. OBSE allows many new commands and techniques. Mods that change the game greatly with advanced scripting usually use …

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Resorep – DirectX 11 texture replacer

We often used TexMod or Umod as injector. However they are only working with DX 9.x. Since DX9 is no longer a thing, here is a new tool for that same purpose. It’s called Resorep (from “Resource Replacer”). This tool is intended for replacing textures in DirectX 11 applications. Credits: Ray Wing.

Spark IV for GTA IV

SparkIV 0.7.0 B1 Public Beta by Aru   SparkIV is a archive viewer/editor for IMG/RPF archive files used in GTAIV. This program is a public beta, so it may not function as expected. Please ensure you make backups of all files you edit before you save. Requirements – Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 If you can’t run …

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uMod 2

Features of uMod 2: mod creator: arrange your texture into groups to extend the usability of your mods mod user: activate or deactivate single textures inside a mod and if present also groups and subgroups size and format filters if you let uMod save all texture  


The program is necessary for extraction and installation of graphic resources (nude skins of course) in many games, and particular Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Tomb Raider Legend, Sid Meier’s Pirates! And many other things. Texmod are really useful, whenever you would like to instal graphical patches, like naked mods or skin patches to your games. Also the program …

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7z archiver

7Z also known as 7Zip package tool is available as open source and is full free for use.  Big on the size a nude patches (from above 5Mb) on this site are packed by this file archiver. 7Zip archiver