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CyberPunk 2077 Save Editor (Project CyberCAT-SimpleGUI)

The Save Editor is a tool allows you to edit Cyberpunk 2077 sav.dat files. It offers you a great variety of possibilities for changing your character’s appearance, editing player stats and much more. It’s based entirely on the CyberCAT (Customization Assistant Tool). Requires NET 5.0. Credits: DeweySalt.


  • You can edit player stats such as level, street cred, etc.
  • You can save and load presets for your V appearance.
  • You can edit the quantity, flags, stats & mod tree of items in your inventory.
  • You can do quick actions – dedicated controls for common actions such as making items legendary & editing money.
  • You can edit quest facts.


Player Stats TabThis tab is fairly self-explanatory – any of the values can be changed.
Appearance Tab“Save Preset” will save your character’s appearance to a .preset file.
“Load Preset” will replace your character’s appearance with one from a .preset file. (Must be same gender.)
Added Skin Type, Eyebrows/Color, Lip Makeup/Color, Eye Makeup/Color, & Cyberware to the appearance tab.
Inventory TabThe “Inventories” box lists all inventories found within your save file. This includes your player inventory, stash & any other containers that the game has saved. Your player inventory will be selected by default. Selecting a different inventory will list all items within that inventory.
You can double click on any item listed to edit its quantity, flags, stats & mod tree. (This is also where the “Make Legendary” option is located.) Some options may be greyed out depending on what kind of item it is. You can also double click on any node in an item’s mod tree to edit that node, or double click on a stat to edit that stat’s values.
For example: To add extra damage to a weapon or extra armor to a piece of clothing, click on “New Constant” in its stats section. On the new window that pops up, put in “Additive” for the modifier, and “BaseDamage” or “Armor” for the stat (depending on which one you want), then enter how much you want for the value. Click “Apply and Close” and you’re good to go.
Quest Facts TabClick on any row to edit the value of the corresponding quest fact. Only valid integers (numbers) are accepted. I would not suggest changing any values here unless you know what you’re doing, messing with quest facts can cause problems that only appear further into your playthrough.


  • Make sure you have NET 5.0 installed.
  • Unpack the “CP_2077_Save_Editor.7z” anywhere you like.
  • Run the “CP2077SaveEditor.exe” file.


  1. Run “CP2077SaveEditor.exe”.
  2. Click “Load Save”.
  3. Make changes to your save.
  4. Click “Save Changes”.
CP 2077 Save Editor
CP 2077 Save Editor
Version: v0.07a_r1
64.7 MB
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