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uMod 2

uMod 2 is a useful tool that enables you to load mods for all Unity Engine games. It can be used for activating, deactivating, or removing mods or you can save textures.

uMod 2 Features:

  1. mod creator: arrange your texture into groups to extend the usability of your mods
  2. mod user: activate or deactivate single textures inside a mod and if present also groups and subgroups
  3. size and format filters if you let uMod save all texture



1. Download nude mod and extract the archive.

2. Run the uMod program. Click on [Add Game] -> and choose your game. Turn on “Use global hook” option (Main > Use global hook).

Start game  (Not with Umod) , then Alt + Tab to desktop.

3. Then go to the file where you have your nude skins .dds files.

Highlight and drag them all into the blank space at the bottom of uMod

All of your nude patches will now work.  Have fun!

uMod2 r49
uMod2 r49
Version: 2 r49 stable
955.9 KB

Warning: uMod does not analyse or change the code or any data of the game (with three exceptions: 1) hashing textures 2) saving textures and 3) the second injection method writes some data into the dll loading sequence of the game). In uMod only source code is used, which can be downloaded in similar form from official Microsoft websites (except injection method 2). BUT uMod might be non-compliant to the EULA of some games!

uMod needs the D3DX9_43.dll (32bit). This dll is not included in the uMod package. If this dll is not installed on you computer, uMod will raise an error on start up. You can download this dll from the internet or install the latest DirectX Enduser Runtime.

Updates uMod track here:

Help uMod Wiki:




There are three methods how to get uMod work together with your game. Not each method does work on each OS with each game, so you can choose which method works and which method you like best. But use only one method for a game. For different games you can use different methods and you can also run more than one game at the same time (also with different methods).

After you have started the game a new tab for this game will open in uMod. In this tab you can load, activate, deactivate, or remove mods or you can save textures.


Method 1

Using a global hook.

  1. start uMod
    • add once the game to uMod (picture 1 point 3)
    • activate the hook through (picture 1 point 4)
  2. start the game (e.g. double click on the desktop icon)

Method 2

Start the game through uMod.

  1. start uMod
  2. start the game through uMod
    1. default (picture 1 point 1)
    2. if you want to parse command line options (picture 1 point 2)

Method 3

Let the game load our dll.

  1. copy our d3d9.dll into the games directory.
  2. start uMod
  3. start the game (e.g. double click on the desktop icon)

Modify a game

See Picture 2 green rectangle.

To load Mods press (picture 2 point 2). You can:

  1. load each texture separately (*
  2. load zip files
  3. load the tpf file from the original TexMod

For each texture or package (you add to uMod) a new list entry will appear in the tab window of uMod. If the tick mark is set, this mod is activated otherwise it is deactivated. By pressing “Update” you commit your changes. By pressing “Update (reload)” you force uMod to reload the textures from disk, which is only needed if you are creating a mod and are editing the textures and like to see how your changes does effect the game.

If a texture is modified by more than one mod, then only the first mod in the list (which modify this texture) is taken into account. If this mod is deactivated, than the texture is not changed. You can change the order of the mods with the arrow buttons.

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