Far Cry

Far Cry Valerie’s Wet Shirt

Valerie joined the Wet Shirt Party in Far Cry. The mod makes her T-shirt wet and transparent. Her shorts are torn in a private part exposing her hairy pussy. Credits: SMaz. How to Install Far Cry Valerie’s Wet Shirt: Copy the files from the unpacked “.rar” file into the “…\Far Cry\Objects\characters\story_characters\valerie” folder. Do not forget to Backup …

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Far Cry Adult Magazines

This mod replaces the newspapers of Far Cry with adult magazines. Credits: Darkman. How to Install Far Cry Adult Magazines: Just copy the “z-mags.pak” file to the “FCData” folder in your game’s directory.

Far Cry Naked Valerie

Here’s a mod that makes Valerie naked in Far Cry. How to Install Far Cry Naked Valerie: Just run the “FarCry Nude2.exe” application. Enjoy! Valerie appears in such game’s chapters as: 7 (Bunker), 8 (Steam), 13 (Cooler), 16 (River), 17 (Swamp), 18 (Factory), 19 (Dam), 20 (Volcano).