Farcry wet nude patch

Farcry nudeval wet patch


Far Cry Nude Patch


–> Which caused ? :
Valerie from far Cry runs in the Game with wet *couldnt translate*, which becomes half transparency. Completely nude did not work due to the Player Models unfortunately, sorry.

Install Farcry wet nude patch

In order to install the Nude patch, simply copy the files from the RAR file
into the folder “…\Far Cry\Objects\characters\story_characters\valerie”.

Do not forget to Backup the original files !

–> Uninstall :
Simply copy the original *.dds files to the folder
“…\Far Cry\Objects\characters\story_characters\valerie”.

Have fun !!! ^_^


Badly translated by thefunkyone

Farcry Wet Nude Patch
Farcry Wet Nude Patch
808.7 KB

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