Resident evil 4 nude patch

This resident evil 4 nude patch is replaced Ashley’s sweater by a wet T-shirt, nude Ada Wong becomes 2 new clothes (in the game and Mercenaries mode) and get a KrauserTattoo hot.


Nude patch Biohazard 4 v3.1 by SMaz

Hi, Guys.

With this Nude patch Ashley get a Wet T-Shirt, For Ada are 2 new Skins in the Game,
one in the Game and one in the Mercenaries Mode. Krauser get also a hot Tattoo.

The Patch was tested with the US Version 1.0 of Biohazard 4. Maybe it works for
other languages too.


Make a backup of the xfile.dat in your Install Directory of BH4.

Resident evil 4 nude patch Installation:

– Extract the File gca_e.exe from this Archive to your BH4 Install Directory.

– Rename the xfile.dat to xfile.gca

– Start now the gca_e.exe, choose File -> Extract File and open the xfile.gca.

– In Extract Options unhook Create Folder From …,
Set Decryption to None
set Output to Same as Input Folder
Click OK and wait, if the File is extracted.

– You can delete now the xfile.gca (must not)

– Extract now the Folder xfile from this Resident evil 4 nude patch Archive to the Install Folder of BH4.
Overwrite the exiting Files with the ones from the Archive.

– Thats all. Have fun.

Resident evil 4 nude mod Deinstallation:

Copy your backupped xfile.dat back to the Biohazard4 Install Folder ans delete the Folder xfile.


F: The Resident evil 4 nude patch did not work for me…
A: Read the Installation Manual carefully. It is important to unhook the Option
Create Folder From … in the gca_e.exe.

F: This Patch is crappy. Will you release some others ?
A: No, but you can do some by yourself.

F: Must the xfile.gca be deleted ?
A: The xfile.gca must not been deleted, but be careful if it NOT been renamed into
xfile.dat, or the Patch will not work.

Greetings :

To Capcom for the Release of the Game. THANX !!!

To Dopamin und Guardinofdeath for their Ideas.

Resident Evil 4 Nude Patch
Resident Evil 4 Nude Patch
2.2 MB

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