Age of Conan

Full Nude Female Age of Conan Mod – 1.9

DISCLAIMER – I hold no liability/responsability if something happens to your account for using this mod. You might get caught somehow, but I would think
it unlikely since this is a completely client side mod… Use at your own risk though. This mod is not supported by Funcom.



Well, it took me longer than I expected but it’s finally done. I havn’t tested it to extensively but it seems to serve it’s purpose well… Only bug I notice is this mod makes the players body invisible in the inventory screen. Putting clothes on solves the problem but why would you want to do that? 😛

This mod textures all human females regularly bare skin textures to be completely nude that can be
completely nude… some NPCs are missing model parts under their clothes.

Thanks to:

I’d like to thank Muhammad Haggag over on the forums for providing the injection code
of which without, this mod may have never existed.

I’d like to thank Funcom also for making a sweet ass game with some fine CG ladies.

Installing and running
1. Unzip to any directory you want… just make sure the files are all in the same directory.

2. Run NudeAoC.bat… and keep it running until exiting Age of Conan.

3. Run Age of Conan

4. Enjoy full nakedness 🙂

5. Take all the screenshots\videos you can before
Funcom breaks this mod.

I’ll see if I can think of a way make it so the files’ location doesn’t matter.

If you have any problems go to
and leave a comment under the post about this nude mod.

1.9 – Fixed the mod after it was borked from Funcom’s patch… Thanks to Parmon for the model info.

– Made a nude succubus skin.

1.8 – Put Tina’s skirt back on and all of Alyssa’s clothes.

– Made the mod work with while being in any folder.

1.7 – Put a disclaimer in the program… don’t want any guff
from someone if their computer explodes from running this mod 😛

– Optimized the code a little.

1.6 – Females should no longer be invisible in the inventory

– A bug should be fixed that was causing some parts of females to be invisible.

– Took off Casilda’s clothes.

1.5 – Changed back the bug that removed the nude texture with certain armor back that was fixed in 1.4 because it was causing a game crash.

1.4 – Took off Zelata’s clothes, in Wild Lands of Zelata. Thought it kinda made sense for a witch to be naked.

– Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the nude
textures to not render.

1.3 – Started using .tga files instead of DDS to get
rid of compression artifacts. Body markings work as a result.

– Removed Tina’s shirt, who’s in the Thirsty Dog, and gave her a full body.

– Removed Alyssa’s shirt, also in the Thirsty Dog, and gave her a full body… She’s still wearing
sleaves though… kinky.

1.2 – Fixed another rendering problem that sometimes
occured where the mark was on players.

– Removed Tina’s skirt and whoever else might be
wearing it… like Alyssa. Unfortunately Tina’s top
can’t be removed becuase she has some missing body
parts under there.

– Made a fix where females nude skin just won’t show up if the mod was installed to the wrong location, instead of crashing.

1.1 – Fixed alpha textures on full nude images to correct some blemishes.

– Certain Armors remove the nude texture.



Nudeaoc Age Of Conan Full Nude Mod1 9
Nudeaoc Age Of Conan Full Nude Mod1 9
2.5 MB

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  1. AoC crashes with the .bat running. It’s a pity, but it seems like they got around it. Could you please make an updated version?

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