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Sexy Elika Outfit

This patch Elika equips instead of their normal shirts made with a steel-like brisket. Sexay.

Note: This nudity Elika patch requires TexMod (Not included in the archive)


——- Steel Sexy ——–
An Elika Skin Mod for the “Prince of Persia” (2008) PC game.

**What this Elika Nude Mod does**
This mod changes the appearance of four different textures used for Elika in game.
-It affects the “hair/pants” texture in order to give Elika Red hair and to change
the color of buckles and jewelry to silver.
-It affects the “Skin tone” texture in order to apply a nude torso and also serves
to color her hairlines and scalp to match her red hair.
-It affects the “eye” texture in order to color her eyes green.
-It affects the “over shirt” texture in order to make portions of the shirt invisible
via alpha channels so that the flashy design was possible.  This texture was also
recolored to get the silver look.


**What you’ll need for this Sexy Elika Outfit mod**

Texmod (a texture extracting and modding program that is free to download)
The locations where this download are available change frequently so I’ll
provide no link.  It’s easiest to find by searching “texmod download” on

You’ll need the .tpf file included in this download file.
This file is a package that Texmod will load in place of the defaults the
game uses.  It will not overwrite any of your game files!


1. Run your Texmod program
2. In the “Target Application” box, click to browse to your Prince of Persia .exe file
3. Click the “Package Mode” tab and then click the small folder icon in the middle of
the window to browse to the location where you saved the .tpf file from my download.
4. Click “Run”

Texmod will launch your Prince of Persia game and you’ll be using my skin mod!
Having trouble?  Is the Elika skin not working for you?
You must have “High Resolution Textures” enabled for it to show up in your game.  If
you had this turned off to improved your PC performance, you will not be able to see
this skin in game.

If you run into any more issues while trying to use my skin, please contact me so we

can trouble shoot and add guidance to the readme file.
Thanks for downloading my skin.

Comments are welcome.


Sexy Elika Outfit Mod
Sexy Elika Outfit Mod
1.8 MB
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2 thoughts on “Sexy Elika Outfit”

  1. game doesnt load ….. it shows the binkw32.dll is not present in the computer … even tried reinstalling the game bt doesnt work…. plz suggest some help.

  2. game doesnt load……. i went into the cd file into system nd selected princeofpersia bt it only shows binkw32.dll not present… suggest something plz.

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