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Guild Wars Ele Topless patch

This is probably the Elementalist  shown topless.

Note: Guild Wars Ele Topless patch requires TexMod (Not included in the archive)


Hey Guys,

this is a nude patch for the Elementalist in Guild Wars.


1st TexMod there, here’s
2nd Female Assassin, hairstyle (back row, third row from left), face (lower middle), hair color (top row first from left), color (bottom row left)
3rd Character must be naked. Weapon can remain invisible or helmet off.

Here’s how:

1st “Target Application” is the Guild Wars exe
2nd In the “Package Mode” the file “Assassine.tpf” download
3rd Run
4th Enjoy have and will not notice the blue Boppel at the breast. (Patch to Model)
If it does not immediately work out, then just leave the area once and let another load, then the modified skins are loaded.

Credits: Vergil

Guild Wars Ele Topless Patch
Guild Wars Ele Topless Patch
2.3 MB
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4 thoughts on “Guild Wars Ele Topless patch”

  1. Hi there,

    at first, my name is Vergil, not Virgil!
    Please dont mirror my images again, just stamp your sign where ever you want. Even over my sign.
    This is not a nude patch for the Assassin in Guild Wars as you wrote it in the discription.
    You never asked for a permission to upload my mods. But you can keep them on your site. You can even upload coming nudepatches.

    Regards Vergil 😉

  2. I am sorry that have not contacted you earlier..

    Thank You for a response and the permission. We will correct a wrong writing of a name, but to change a drawing we can not yet.

    Therefore are ready to give any other credits for your discretion.

    Thanks for understanding and your excellent nude patches 🙂

  3. I’m trying to load the tpf in TM and it isn’t working. I follow the instructions and nothing happens. I even try to load in another area, and it’s still not working. I even made a character with all the same features as the picture and still, it is not loading. What is wrong?

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