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SwiftLippin’s WoW Nude Skin Pack v1.10

Creator: SwiftLippin

SwiftLippin’s nude female skins pack. For all Warcraft races!!

This nude skin pack for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Compliant


Title   : WoW Female Nude Skins (v1.10)

Release Date (DD/MM/YY) : 15/7/08

Author   : SwiftLippin

Description  : May cause blindness, hairy palms, and euphoria.
Porn is not for everyone, consult your doctor
before use. Keep out of reach of children under 18.

Installation  : 1. Copy the MPQ file into your World of Warcraft\Data directory.
2. Start WoW.
3. Set texture detail to maximum. It is required so the
skins look good.
4. Enjoy!
Credits              : Pack construction: SwiftLippin
Skins: SwiftLippin(gnome, blood elf, draenei, troll)
Blizzard(base skins)
Skinny Dipper(base Night Elf and Undead nude skins)
LazarusX(base human tits)
TomPaxton(base Orc, Dwarf nude skins)
Shadrae (Tauren)


Misc.                   : Thanks to Blizzard for this great game!
* Play Information *

Game                      : WoW
New Graphics               : Yes
New Music                  : No
New Sounds                 : No

* Construction *

Base                       : Various other skin packs, original WoW skins
Build time                 : Ongoing
Editor(s) Used             : Photoshop
* Version History *
-Updated Human, Draenei, Night Elf skins

-Minor updates to human, blood elf, night elf, orc skins

-Redid Draenei skins

-Fixed Dwarf butt

-Redid Troll and Blood Elf skins, tweaked human and night elf skins

-Fixed texture bug

-Edited Blood and Night Elf skins

-added blood elf and draenei skins

-fixed graphical bug

-fixed graphical bug

v1.0 release

-nude skins for all female characters

Wow Nude Skin Pack Swiftlippin
Wow Nude Skin Pack Swiftlippin
4.6 MB
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  • slickwillie

    Downloaded to data folder, now undead, human, drani, and BE females all have green sins on with nothing else showing, i deleted the data folder completely and fixed from blizzard, reinstalled, same mess.

  • Jack

    The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Compliant ONLY

  • funfun

    dwnloaded it put it in the \data file did nothing…
    (im running the starter ed v4.3.0)

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