Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Resident Evil 2 (2019) Claire Nude Patch

Here is a new style for Claire inspired by Quiet from MGSV. There are belts, pistol holster, and boots. The mod includes a custom Normal map for that extra level of detail as well as imbuing Claire with a rib-cage. Also contains abrasions, bruises, etc. It’s a hairy version. Credits: marcus69.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Futa Mod

If you want to look at a nice looking futa body in Resident Evil 2, you can use this mod. The goal of this mod is to make all the girls (except Sherry) naked with the futa texture. Contains jiggle physics. The patch requires The Ghost Survivors DLC. Credits: RachaelF.

RE2R Sexy Cat Leon mod

Do you want to know what a naughty guy he can be? With this mod, Leon comes back in RE2R dressed as a cute cat. Leon the Cat wants to show how sexy he is. Purr! Enjoy! Credits: Loxoss

RE2R MegaBust Claire Biker mod

If you love big juicy boobs, the RE2R MegaBust Claire Biker patch is created special for your pleasure. Contains the size options. Also available a sexy outfit: a biker vest and shorts. Author: Original by Aerosmith, Modified by TheLombax42, Mesh Edit by Teals03