Elden Ring

Elden Ring Bowsette Character

It finally happened! The stars aligned and Bowsette from Super Mario is here for your pleasure. All hail our queen! This mod replaces the Blaidd’s Set with completely naked Bowsette in Elden Ring. Credits: MrMorritos3D. How to Install Elden Ring Bowsette Character 1. Make sure you have the UXM tool installed and use it to unpack the …

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Elden Ring Naked Females

This mod replaces the body model with an extra buff high poly nude one in Elden Ring. It also make some other female characters like Hyetta and Roderika become busty. It’s available some skin options. Credits: Soulimaru. The base body model used in this mod is EBB (extra buff body) by KarbonKitsune. Important Replaces the …

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Elden Ring Naked Malenia

Here’s a nude mod for the the Goddess of Rot from Elden Ring that replaces Malenia’s dress while in Blade of Miquella (Valkyrie) form with a skimpy version. She wears only her helmet, cape/straps and boots. Malenia got a slimmer waist, bigger boobs and detailed vagina. Credits: LovelyLad. What’s Included UXM Elden RingA program that …

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