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Elden Ring Naked Malenia

Here’s a nude mod for the the Goddess of Rot from Elden Ring that replaces Malenia’s dress while in Blade of Miquella (Valkyrie) form with a skimpy version. She wears only her helmet, cape/straps and boots.

Malenia got a slimmer waist, bigger boobs and detailed vagina. Credits: LovelyLad.

What’s Included

  1. UXM Elden Ring
    A program that enables file modding for Elden Ring by unpacking game archives and patching the executable to load loose files instead.
  2. c2120.chrbnd.dcx
    A mesh file for in game Malenia.
  3. c2120_h.texbnd.dcx
    A texture file. If you prefer the original rot texture, don’t use the new one over.
  4. c8900.chrbnd.dcx
    A mesh file for cinematic Malenia.

Please notice that this nude mod cannot be used online.

How to Install Elden Ring Naked Malenia

  1. Unzip the “Elden_Ring_Naked-Malenia.7z” file using 7zip or another file unpacking program anywhere you want. There are the “UXM Elden Ring” folder and 3 “.dcx” files inside.
  2. Go to “UXM Elden Ring” folder. Launch the “UXM.exe” program to unpack and patch the data:
    • Find the “eldenring.exe” file and then click “Unpack”.
    • After unpacking successfully, click the “Patch” button.
  3. Place the “.dcx” files into the “chr” folder: “…\ELDEN RING\Game\chr”. Back up the original game files corresponding to the mod files first if you want to easily revert.
  4. Done. Disable the EAC anti-cheat program:
    • Go to the Steam library location where you installed Elden Ring.
    • Navigate to “steamapps > ELDEN RING > game”.
    • Rename “start_protected_game.exe” to something else. (for example, you can add “_original” to the end of the file name.)
    • Make a copy of “elden_ring.exe”.
    • Rename this newly made copy to “start_protected_game.exe”.
    • Run the game through Steam as normal. Elden Ring should display a notice that offline mode has been activated. You should now be able to enjoy the game without the anti-cheat software running but you won’t be able to participate in online play. Play the game in offline mode and have fun with Malenia.
Elden Ring Naked Malenia
Elden Ring Naked Malenia
Version: 1.1
30.0 MB
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