Code Vein

Code Vein Mia Reverse Bunny Suit

Mia Karnstein is wearing a sexy reverse bunny suit in Code Vein. The mod replaces normal Mia and white Mia with this lewd outfit. It works in cutscenes. Includes two versions: semi nude or fully nude. Credits: Stealthunt3r, Vashzaron and MiaCV.

Code Vein Nude Karen

Have you ever wanted to see Louis Amamiya’s sister naked? Bang! She bares all by stripping off completely! This mod replaces the vanilla body of the NPC Karen with a nude version in Code Vein. It’s incompatible with any other mod which modifies Karen. Credits: doSomethingFun.

Code Vein Nude Mia

Nude texture for Mia Karnstein in Code Vein. The mod affects both normal and white Mia. Now it works in Cutscenes. Thanks to Stealthunt3r.

Code Vein Nude Females

Just something tasty for you, boobs lovers. This mod replaces female outfits #1-#5 with a nude version. Enjoy a good variety nice tits in Code Vein. Credits: Daniyo. Added high heels.