Code Vein Io’s Sexy Nurse Outfit

This mod adds a new sexy nurse outfit for Io. It replaces Io’s default appearance and her cutscene model. Contains Jiggle Physics. Credits: Mattatatta.



  • Entirely scratch-made nurse outfit inspired from promotional artwork.
  • Replaces Io’s default appearance and her cutscene model (changes her appearance in cutscenes).
  • Hides Io’s veil by default, without affecting the veils of other costumes.
  • Avoids changing files shared by other costumes or NPCs, such as Attendants, minimising glitches.
  • Animates eyes changing color during drain attacks, and show glowing effects when using the Conviction Spike communal gift.


  • This mod is designed to only change Io’s clothing and skin textures per outfit, and is constructed to not unintentionally break textures for other costumes. Other Io mods that change vanilla textures such as eyes, hair, and face will likely have an effect on this mod.
  • This mod replaces Io’s body model and her veil model, making it impossible to mix-and-match a Sexy Nurse Outfit for Io with other veils.

  1. Navigate to where your copy of Code Vein is installed, and go to:
    If the “~mods” folder does not exist, create it yourself.
  2. Place both “.pak” files inside the ~mods folder.
    Note: Do not rename the files, they are named in such a way to load in the correct order and may cause a crash if tampered.
  3. Done! Have fun!

Code Vein Io's Sexy Nurse Outfit
Code Vein Io's Sexy Nurse Outfit
Version: 1.1
10.4 MB

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