Fallout 4 Diamond City Expansion Nude Strippers

Nude textures for the strippers of Diamond City Expansion in the Fallout 4. This mod makes the striptease dancers use separate files for their bodies to make them nude. Requires Automatron DLC, Contraptions Workshop DLC, Far Harbor DLC, Nuka World DLC, Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, Wasteland Workshop DLC. Credits: Xyloritus.

Fallout 4 Nude Bobble Girl

Nude textures for female version of the bobblehead – Bobble Girl. The mod contains eight options (hair colors, skin tones, and clothed/nude). Credits: Jarey.

The Sims 4 Vanessa Kirk Character

Here is a new playable character called Vanessa Kirk for your Sims 4. The mod includes custom content. Compatible with the WickedWhims sex mod. Credits: 7cupsbobatae.

The Sims 4 H.A.R.E.M New Girls

Four sweet Sims: Honey, Bethany, Irene, Jaylan are waiting for you. This nude mod will add new female characters to your game. If you have the WickedWhims sex mod, you can use the girls with it. Credits: Cipher.

Darkest Dungeon Nude Hellion

This nude mod replaces the Hellion with a lewd version. Contains 4 texture versions like nude or clothed with visible or hidden eyes. Includes 4 color variants for each version. Added new sexy animations. Not compatible with any other crusader skin, including the base skin. Credits: XelswordArt.