Tomb Raider 1-6

Raider patch 6

Sexy Lara missed a transparent silk robe. Whom do you have to start the nude patch used it a new game. Old savegames are not supported. Thanks to Tron for it.

Tomb Raider 4 nude skins

Raider 4 – The Last Revelation Tomb. A NudeSkin for Lara Croft, more info can be found detailed in the Readme.txt in the archive. Tomb Raider 4 nude skins does not contain any level Times! Thanks to Chrissyx for the patch.

Nude raider 2

Of this patch modified Tomb Raider 2 Nude Raider, you’ll find detailed instructions in the readme file. The patch is how I find somewhat difficult to install. The patch for Tomb Raider 2