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Tomb raider 1 nude patch

This patch modifies Tomb Raider in the famous Star Nude Raider. Tomb raider 1 nude patch is for the first Tomb Raider 1st


Nude Raider Patch 1.03 (nrp_all)

This patch will modify your Tomb Raider game to Nude Raider.

To install Tomb raider 1 nude patch

1. unzip the files (nrp_all.exe, tombcd.exe and tombcd.pif)
in your Tomb Raider folder.

2. run the Tombraider 1 nude mod nrp_all.exe.

3. on the first page (Copy), select the path for the Tomb Raider
CD-Rom and the folder where you want to copy the data on your
hard disk (50Mb).
Click the button Copy.

4. 2nd page (Patch), verify the data folder on your hard disk is
Select the levels you want to patch,
Click the button Patch.

To run Nude Raider,
5. 3rd page (CD Emulator), verify the different folders (Tomb
Raider CD-Rom and data folder),
Click the button Emulate.

Version 1.03 (03/98):
– corrects the copy error with some systems (IE4 and Win98 beta):
“Cannot create or replace CRED1: Cannot find the specified file”

Version 1.02 (01/98):
– this version supports the 3Dfx patch.
(thanks to Kevin Dodge and Ken)

Version 1.01 (12/97):
– beta version for 3Dfx not released.

Version 1.00a (11/97):
– you can now use nrp_all if your install program creates a
C:\TOMBPATH.TXT file. With the previous version you got an
Tomb Raider is not installed.
Please re-install Tomb Raider or check the file ‘C:\TOMBPATH.BAT’.
(thanks to Pep)

Version 1.00 (11/97):
– first release

Tomb Raider 1 Nude Patch
Tomb Raider 1 Nude Patch
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