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Nude raider 2

Of this patch modified Tomb Raider 2 Nude Raider, you’ll find detailed instructions in the readme file. The patch is how I find somewhat difficult to install. The patch for Tomb Raider 2


Nude Raider 2 Patch
The Great Wall 1.01 (Nr2pWall)

This patch will modify the first level (The Great Wall) of your
Tomb Raider 2 game to Nude Raider 2.

To install Nude Raider 2 mod

1. unzip the files (Nr2pWall.exe, wtomb2cd.exe and wtomb2cd.386)
in your Tomb Raider 2 folder.

2. run the patch Nr2pWall.exe.
(the first time you launch the patch, it will install the CD
emulator in your SYSTEM.INI configuration file.)

3. on the first page (Copy), select the path for the Tomb Raider
2 CD-Rom and the folder where you want to copy the data on your
hard disk (3Mb).
Click the button Copy.

4. 2nd page (Patch), verify the data folder on your hard disk is
If you have a 3Dfx card, please, check the box under the 3Dfx
Click the button Patch.

To run Nude Raider,
5. 3rd page (CD Emulator), verify the different folders (Tomb
Raider 2 CD-Rom and data folder),
Click the button Emulate.

Version 1.01 (03/98):
– corrects the copy error with some systems (IE4 and Win98 beta):
“Cannot create or replace *: Cannot find the specified file”

Version 1.00 (02/98):
– first release

Nude Raider 2 Nude Patch
Nude Raider 2 Nude Patch
353.1 KB
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