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Tomb Raider 4 nude skins

Raider 4 – The Last Revelation Tomb. A NudeSkin for Lara Croft, more info can be found detailed in the Readme.txt in the archive. Tomb Raider 4 nude skins does not contain any level Times! Thanks to Chrissyx for the patch.


Nude skins for Tomb Raider 4

Nude Raider 4: The Lust Revelation / Nuderaider 4 Times Level

Generally speaking, this Nude patches tomb raider 4 will allow you
to see nude body of TR4 Ms.Lara Croft in games.

Download all. Mrg and other files, which is
located at the main webpage for the game which
you want to patch.

Run engine file to unpack files to game engine
your HDD (by default it unpacks into C: \ folder
but you can change it to any other valid path)

As result you should now have following
folders structure
Now you need to insert your CD into imported informations are protected
The CD-Rom drive and copy all files from CD
DATA directory to this new folder TRLRFREE / DATA
(It’s main level files) so you can copy files
from CD AUDIO (sounds) and FMV (videos) to
TRLRFREE / AUDIO and TRLRFREE / FMV. Run tomb4.exe
TRLRFREE file from folder (you should NOT copy
tomb4.exe old file from CD, otherwise you will have
a CD protection error). If all works ok then proceed
to point 2nd

Copy / unpack all downloaded. Mrg files, trmerger.exe,
and patch.bat to TRLRFREE folder. Make
sure you downloaded / copied all files all files
there. Unset read only for all files *. tr4
folder in TRLRFREE / DATA. Make sure you propertly
downloaded and copied all files.

Simply run patch.bat and follow it’s instructions,
it will automatically detect if you want to patch
imported informations are protected or full game Tomb Raider Times level.

You can run tomb4.exe now, just make sure you
set up your video card to work with 16 bit textures,
both 8 and 32 bit versions is not present.

Make sure that you download mrg files correctly,
results of usage of such a broken patch can be very
incorrect and not create a usable level. If during the
game you see a level with textures dropped out, it’s
a good idea to re-download. mrg file and patch this
level again.

Step-by-step instructions for for Nude Tomb Raider 4 Skins

(C) 2002 written by Chrissyx

1) Run “enginex.exe” and extract all the files in your directory Nude Raider 4.
(For example: “C: \ Program Files \ Core Design \ TRLRFREE”)

2) Copy of the TR4 the contents of the CD “data” Order in the “DATA” folder in NR4 directory.
(For example: “C: \ Program Files \ Core Design \ TRLRFREE \ DATA”)
If replacing the questions come, click on No more!

3) Do the same with the “audio” folder and the “fmv” folder.
The superseded question, click on “All replaced.” !

4) Run “tomb4.exe. The game should start and run smoothly.

5) Copy the entire contents of the patch-archive to your NR4 directory.
(For example: “C: \ Program Files \ Core Design \ TRLRFREE”)

6) Go into the “DATA” directory and remove the write protection of ALL files!
(For example: “C: \ Program Files \ Core Design \ TRLRFREE \ DATA”)

7) Extract the contents of the file “” into NR4 directory.

8a) Start the precisely unpacked “NRLR.bat and drьcke” Y “, then” C “.

8b) If the patch program stop at “Underneath the Sphinx”, the program will finish manually
and start it again immediately. Drьcke “Y”, then “C” and it will go to the broken body.

9) Create a Verkьpfung of tomb4.exe “and right click on the Verkьpfung. Click on “Properties”
and write in the path “destination” behind “tomb4.exe” parameter “setup”!
(For example: “C: \ Program Files \ Core Design \ TRLRFREE \ tomb4.exe-setup”)

10) Start the Verknьpfung Choose your window and under “output resolution” a 16-bit Auflцsung!!
(For example: “1024×768 16-bit)

11) Choose your under “Texture Bit Depth” the first parameter, ie: “16 bit RGBA 5551!!
WARNING: DO NOT “16-bit RGBA 4444 ‘!!!!!

12) Are all other settings optimized for your computer, click “OK”!

Tomb Raider 4 Nude Skins
Tomb Raider 4 Nude Skins
33.7 MB
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