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How to use Latex Lara Croft nude patch…


Setup for Lara Croft nude patch:

Start Texmod.exe…


Target Application:
Select the trl.exe in the Folder where your TRL is installed…

Select Package:
Klick on the Folder button and browse for one of the Latexoutfit.tpf and doubleklick it…

Start the Game:
Mark one of the Latexoutfit Package Names and klick on RUN…
In Game select the Snowsuit Outfit to use it, the Snowsuit Outfit must be available, if not, use an adequate Savegame…(you only can wear one at a time, for changing the Outfit, quit the Game and load another one with TexMod)

and now…enjoy…

Latex Lara Croft Nude Patch
Latex Lara Croft Nude Patch
3.1 MB
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  • Alex

    Please give your skin a rar or zip file because I can not download 7z.

  • RF

    @Alex, on January 25, 2011 at 11:00 pm:
    I can open .7z files with WinRar version 4.11.

  • admin
  • show

    please give me your help.I can’t acting this skin patch….this can’t not using in windows 7_64 bit?

  • admin

    Hi, dude
    Just try to use (Run patch for DX10 Games) – dx9.reg from Texmod package

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