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Tomb Raider 7: Legend Lara Croft Latex Patch

Naughty Lara Croft chooses latex outfit. Why not? You can enjoy her new look in Tomb Raider 7: Legend with this patch. Available in 4 colors. Requires TexMod.



  1. Extract the “TRL_lara_croft_latex_patch.7z” with 7Zip archiver or another similar program anywhere you want.
  2. Download TexMod and run it.
  3. Click the folder icon of the Target Application section and select Browse. You have to navigate to the folder you have installed Legend and choose the trl.exe file.
    It is most likely somewhere in C:\ Program Files\ Crystal Dynamics\ Tomb Raider Legend folder, unless you installed the game elsewhere.
  4. Switch to Package Mode.
  5. Click the folder icon and navigate to the mod’s outfit.
    Note: You should select only one .TPF file you like most (see pic above).
  6. The outfit appears in the box on the left. If you select it, you will get additional information on the right, like the name of the author and what outfit you have to select in the game.
  7. Hit Run to run Legend:
    Select the Snowsuit Outfit in game to use it, the Snowsuit Outfit must be available, if not, use an adequate Savegame (you only can wear one at a time, for changing the Outfit, quit the Game and load another one with TexMod).
  8. Have fun!

TRL Lara Croft Latex Patch
TRL Lara Croft Latex Patch
1.5 MB
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5 thoughts on “Tomb Raider 7: Legend Lara Croft Latex Patch”

  1. please give me your help.I can’t acting this skin patch….this can’t not using in windows 7_64 bit?

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