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Elder scrolls oblivion Candy mod

Another incarnation of Eye Candy Body Mods. The / the mesh provides over its predecessors, natural-looking bust (size D and added new: Size H), improved shoulders and hips, and generally higher levels of femininity. (And who has been there for what: D)

The Elder scrolls oblivion Candy mod contains 2 variations. Once “normal” and something more muscular.


Name: HG EyeCandy Body
Version: 1.1
Date: 3/19/2008
Category: Models and Textures
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
EyeCandy Body Mod
Author: RAIAR

Description Elder scrolls oblivion Candy nude mod

Improved Eye Candy body meshes by RAIAR. Needs the original EC mod to work properly.

This is a modification of the Eye Candy (lower and upper) body meshes made by RAIAR. The upper mesh features more natural looking breasts (D-cup size), improved shoulders area and waist. The lower mesh features a wider rear, wider thighs and a more natural genital area (yes, it includes some modeled “bits” :P). The wider body shape might clip with certain outfits though.
There are a lot of improvements that make the body look more feminine overall.
Best way to see the improvements is by trying these out ingame. Personally I’ve been using previous versions of these for a long time and I have to say that the author did a fantastic job. If you’re an member at the EyeCandy forums there’s a high chance you’ve heard people praising this great mod.
You can choose between the normal version and a more muscular version.
It also includes in Elder scrolls oblivion Candy nude patches pack some hand meshes that fix a gap that appeared with certain poses.

I’m not the author of this Elder scrolls oblivion Candy nude mod, I’m uploading these here (after getting permissions) since not many people have access to this and a lot of modders could put it to good use.
The textures that appear in the screenshots can be downloaded High_Rez_Skin_Textures_for_Exnems

Install Elder scrolls naked patch:

1. Extract the files of Elder scrolls oblivion Candy mod pack to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\

Delete the FemaleUpperBody.nif and FemaleLowerBody.nif files from the data/meshes/characters/_male folder.

Obviously this is incompatible with other female body mods.

1.0 8th of March 2008 – Initial release
1.0 10th of March 2008 – Added the original EC Body Mod in the requirements, sorry for those that had problems with the installation. Also added the link for the textures that appear in the main screenshots.
1.01 13th of March 2008 – Added a newer version of the fixed hand mesh.
1.1 19th of March 2008 – Updated with improved meshes and a new more muscular version (the fighter version).

RAIAR, author of this mod, for giving me permissions to upload these here 🙂
Morniel_DeAnhelo for his help in contacting with the author and getting permissions
Exnem for starting the whole EC thing
The EyeCandy community for being a laid-back, friendly and creative bunch
Dark0ne for keeping TEXNexus up
Lhammonds for the Readme Generator utility and his dedication to the ES community

You are free to use this mod in your own work and release mods based on this mod as long as you give credit to Exnem and RAIAR.

HG EyeCandy Body MOD ver1.1 Fighter

<<HGEC ver1.1>>
(High poly Grade EyeCandy Compatible Body)


It is a new body mesh that Female EyeCandy – Body Replacer v1.0 is compatible.
upperbody ver1.1 & lowerbody ver1.2
(Fighter figure ver)

Installation Elder scrolls oblivion Body MOD

You needs the original EyeCandy – Body mod to work properly.
Copy files to \Oblivion\Data\ folder.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Please attach credit though the modification is free.

Upload to TESN &etc has been permitted to }{ellKnight.


Female EyeCandy – Body Replacer v1.0 by Exnem


(machine translation)

Elder Scrolls Oblivion Candy Mod
Elder Scrolls Oblivion Candy Mod
6.2 MB
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