Tomb Raider: Anniversary Nude Skins

All in One! This mod contains nude texture and multiple armor options you can use for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Requires TexMod. Thanks to gfjus.


TexMod is REQUIRED to be able to use this mod correctly. Download it here.

  • Always back up your files first!
  • Extract TRA-nude-mod.7z with Winrar or another similar program anywhere you want.
  • There is a single folder in the 7z and it says put_included_folder_on_C meaning that you indeed have to put the subfolder on C: and also on the partition, the game is installed on. This folder makes sure that the right outfits of the texture patch will be applied when playing (but not in the main menu).
  • Select the .tpf you like the most (a single one): Shaved (no clothes, no equipment, no weapons), Shaved_Equipment_Weapons (everything on her except clothes), or one of the others without weapons, without a belt or without a backpack (see picture inside mod’s folders).
  • Copy your chosen .tft file to the game’s main folder
    (usually C:\ Program Files\ Crystal Dynamics\ Tomb Raider Anniversary).
  • Launch Tex Mod, in “Target Application” select the shortcut or exe that launches the game. Then point the app to the file.tpf.
    You will need to launch the game through TexMod everytime for this mod to work.
  • Play and enjoy!

Version: with extensions
54.9 MB

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