Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Lara

All-in-One. This mods pack contains a lot of sexy outfits and nude skins for Lara in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Credits: JOSTAR MOD.


You can use one of these textures:

  1. Garter Stoking [White]
  2. Bikini [Black]
  3. Jaguar Bikini
  4. Yoga Pant Heart Shape [Black & Red]
  5. Flower Print Bikini
  6. Hot Bikini [Yello]
  7. Camo Bikini
  8. Swimsuit [Red]
  9. Bikini [Blue]
  10. Yoga Pant [Black]
  11. USA Flag Bikini
  12. Bikini [White]
  13. Swimsuit [Black]
  14. Jaguar Swimsuit
  15. Hot Bikini [Light Blue]
  16. British Flag Bikini
  17. TR Underworld Bikini [B&W]
  18. Yoga Pant Heart Shape [Black & Blue]
  19. Bikini [Red]
  20. Stoking [Black]
  21. Swimsuit [White]
  22. Hot Bikini [Pink]
  23. Nude shaved Pussy
  24. Nude Unshaved Pussy
  25. Nude+ Stoking [White]
  26. Nude+ Stoking [Pink]
  27. Nude+ Garter Stoking [Black]
  28. Nude+ Garter Stoking [White]

Added the SpecialK tool by Kaldaien.



  • Extract the “SOTTR-Lara-nude-mods-pack.7z” with 7Zip archiver or another similar program anywhere you can find easily.
  • Open the “SpecialK” folder and copy the three files: dxgi.dll, SpecialK64.pdb, Version folder into the game folder where the exe-file is.
  • Run the game, turn off the DX12 in the settings. Set texture to ULTRA Quality.
  • When you start the game, a strip of information should appear that SK_FFXV (SpecialK) was connected.
  • Now it’s time to go back to the extracted mod’s files. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider [Booty Edition] is an .exe file around 148MB in size. Extract it to any directory of your choice. Also the main installer is protected by a password.
  • When it will be extracted you get 1.68GB of the 28 installers (65MB each) named by the costume it will install. Each of them has a picture with a dress, at the same time you can use only one.
  • Choose the version you like best and run it.
    For example, you want to get the USA Flag Bikini, so launch USA Flag Bikini.exe, click Accept -> Extract, the folder SK_Res appears. You throw it in the folder with the game.


  1. Run The Game.
  2. Go To CampFire.
  3. Choose Blue Heron Tunic Outfit.

SOTTR Lara nude mods pack
SOTTR Lara nude mods pack
Version: [Booty Edition] v1.0
170.7 MB

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