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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Lara

All-in-One. This mods pack contains a lot of sexy outfits and nude skins for Lara in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Credits: JOSTAR MOD.

The mod starts working only after the start of the Mission: Way to the Hidden City, right after passing the “Test of the Eagle” examination, when Lara is dressed in the Blue Heron Tunic given by the Queen of the Lost City (Paititi). The mod replaces the Blue Heron Tunic costume with a nude body or any other outfit included in pack.

If you are playing for the first time, you can skip the secondary tasks in the first village and come back and finish them later in order to get this costume faster to look at Lara’s naked ass.

What’s Included:

  1. Garter Stoking [White]
  2. Bikini [Black]
  3. Jaguar Bikini
  4. Yoga Pant Heart Shape [Black & Red]
  5. Flower Print Bikini
  6. Hot Bikini [Yello]
  7. Camo Bikini
  8. Swimsuit [Red]
  9. Bikini [Blue]
  10. Yoga Pant [Black]
  11. USA Flag Bikini
  12. Bikini [White]
  13. Swimsuit [Black]
  14. Jaguar Swimsuit
  15. Hot Bikini [Light Blue]
  16. British Flag Bikini
  17. TR Underworld Bikini [B&W]
  18. Yoga Pant Heart Shape [Black & Blue]
  19. Bikini [Red]
  20. Stoking [Black]
  21. Swimsuit [White]
  22. Hot Bikini [Pink]
  23. Nude shaved Pussy
  24. Nude Unshaved Pussy
  25. Nude+ Stoking [White]
  26. Nude+ Stoking [Pink]
  27. Nude+ Garter Stoking [Black]
  28. Nude+ Garter Stoking [White]

How to Install Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Lara:

  • Run the game, turn off the DX12 in the settings. Set texture to ULTRA Quality.
  • Download Special K here or the latest version on the Github, if necessary. Unzip its compressed file into the game’s folder where SOTTR.exe is located: “SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Shadow of the Tomb Raider”.
  • Download SK_FFXV.  Extract the contents of zip file (SK_FFXV.7z) into your game path where SOTTR.exe lies.
  • Go to the game’s directory and run “SKIF.exe” and then close the app.
  • Find the “dxgi.ini” file in the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” folder, open it and change Silent=false to Silent=true in [SpecialK.System] and [Steam.log]. After your edits, it should look like this:
Rename Silent=false to Silent=true.
Rename Silent=false to Silent=true.
  • You need to find the line d3d12=false in [API hook]. There must be “false”. If not, change it manually (when you fixed this line, it looks like this):
  • Extract the “SOTTR-Lara-nude-mods-pack.7z” with 7Zip archiver or another similar program anywhere you can find easily.
  • Now it’s time to go back to the extracted mod’s files. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider [Booty Edition] is an .exe file around 148MB in size. Run it and extract its files into any directory of your choice. Also the main installer is protected by a password.
  • When it will be extracted you get 1.65GB of the 28 installers (65MB each) named by the costume it will install. Each of them has a picture with a dress, at the same time you can use only one.
  • Choose the version you like best and run it. After unpacking the file, the SK_Res folder appears, copy it to the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” folder.
    For example, you want to get the USA Flag Bikini, so launch USA Flag Bikini.exe, click Accept -> Extract, the “SK_Res” folder appears, place it into the game folder.
  • Run the “SKIF.exe” app again. Make sure the services work (if successful, the indication will be “Running”) and “dxgi.dll” is listed as Injection DLL.
  • Select the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” in the list of programs and launch the game by pressing the button at the bottom.
  • The result of the script is not visible immediately, but you can enjoy it after receiving new clothes in the lost city of Paititi. Only the Blue Heron Tunic outfit will be transformed by the mod.

How to Use:

  1. Run The Game.
  2. Go To CampFire.
  3. Choose the Blue Heron Tunic outfit.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Download & Update the mod to the Latest Version


  • Updated the installation instruction.
  • Now the mod package contains only texture file, other tools not included. Added links on SpecialK and SK_FFXV.
SOTTR Lara nude mods pack
SOTTR Lara nude mods pack
Version: [Booty Edition] v1.0
152.3 MB


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17 thoughts on “Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Lara”

  1. it Does not work i followed instructions correctly and i get this message (Internal error 0x0D: Interface not found: SteamUser023!

  2. That error only shows up in pirated games. It comes directly from a DLL that’s involved in cracked game. Unfortunately pirated copies are unsupported. You’ll need an official version.

  3. After all steps are followed the official Steam game won’t launch. It seems it’s when dxgi.dll is placed in the .exe folder that the game won’t launch (when only dxgi.dll is removed it launches but of course the mod won’t work) , same for Rise of the Tomb Raider mods. Maybe it’s due to an update?

  4. I had the same error “Internal error 0x0D: Interface not found: SteamUser023!” and it was easy to fix.

    There was a file called “dxgi.ini” created in your game folder.

    Open it and change


    and save it as .ini, not .txt! – Fixed it for me.

  5. Can’t download the file. The download just stops at random times and won’t allow me to continue. Anybody knows what could be the problem?

  6. Done every thing you have asked to run this.. Game loads fine. I get the Box pop up at in game menu. Don’t know what to do with it. it is running and i load game and go to camp fire.. no mod there. Help please.

  7. Does this work on Windows 10 as well? I did everything as the instruction said and get the message, that SpeacialK is running, when i start the game but i cant choose the skin at the campfire

  8. Have a texture issue with her lower half. When looking from certain directions the shading makes it look like she is wearing pantyhose. Anyone having the same issue? Anyone know how to fix it?

  9. The file textures have no updates. They still work well if you install the mod correctly. Use the current version of SpecialK and SK_FFXV.
    The installation instruction is amended to solve errors.

  10. Earlier today i asked if the pack works with the epic version, but it seems my question has been deleted, i saw the message of the serveradmin, but does he mean it doesn’t work at all and don’t loose time to try, or does he mean he doesn’t manage to make it works? it’s not clear. I don’t understand why it is not clearly stated in the description that the pack only works with the steam version, why he can’t work with epic, the files must be the same but maybe it is a problem with the other programs you need to install that are not compatible.

  11. For those eventually interested, the mod pack works perfectly fine with the epic version and on windows 10 64.

  12. For those who want to install this mod and have the epic version, the modpack works (i have windows 10), even if i had a black screen at first but i don’t know what i did, now he works perfectly fine. I already posted this message one week ago but it was not published, i don’t know why.

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