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The Sims 4 AEP Pornography

This mod allows you to pursue your Sim’s dream of becoming a Porn Star or Adult Entertainment Producer in the Sims 4. Requires the Wicked Whims sex mod. Credits: Ksuihuh.


The AEP Pornography Mod adds Pornographic Film Studio Career at ‘Adult Entertainment Production’. There are two branches: Production and Acting. You start as Webcam Model and climb the ladder of the Adult Industry. You will get the opportunity to build your career officially or just be an independent camgirl and earn your money streaming at home. You also can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet! You will get fanmail from loyal fans and invitations for Erotic Photoshoots in which you can actively participate! You even can get Starlight Venus Award for your achievements in Adult Industry! Don’t wait! The glamorous life of a famous Porn Star awaits you and there is so much more to discover!

Supports Game Version 1.90.375.1020

What’s included:

  • AEP_Pornography
  • ALL:
    All needed CC for the “MagicLight” Photo Studio.
    • Black&white 40 N.Y prints by viikiita.
    • Spot Leon by MangoSims.
    • Books and Magazines by Mio.
    • DivaDoom’s ts3 to ts4 Rack by DivaDoom.
    • Vintage camera by Mio.
    • Coral Office Desk (White Glass) by dreamteamsims.
    • Antique Waste Bin by MXIMS.
    • Girly corner 3 make up by-jomsims.
    • Young Way Living Books by SIMcredible.
    • Modernism Clutter – wall hair drye by SIMcrediblede.
    • VEOX Rugs 6 By Pralinesims.
    • Camera by Miguel Creations.
    • Vitra Eames house Bird II by MXIMS.
    • Antique Rugs – Series 1 & 2 [2010] – by baufive.
    • Off The Grid Floor Lamp by baufive.
    • Atwood Living – Room Divider by Peacemaker.
    • Axess Home Office Framed Prints by Lulu.
    • Chesham Window by Mutske.
    • Capp 1 Wall Lamp by DOT.
    • Porter Home Office by Lulu.
    • Feel That Fabric Sofa Set by Peacemaker.
    • Mincsims-IKEA Ypperlig Stationary A by MXIMS.
    • Campanelli Frames by SIMcredible.
    • Hamptons Retreat by Peacemaker.
    • Axess Home Office Chair by Lulu.
    • Coffee Pot and Mugs by dreamteamsims.
    • [W] Radon Mirror by Wondymoon.
    • MXIMS West Elm Slope Chair Converted by Novvvas.
    • Squarely-Triptych-Landscape-Paintings by Peacemaker.
    • ScandiFever mugs by SIMcrediblede.
    • Buggybooz storejars Mesh by Buggybooz conversion by mio-sims.
    • Apple iMac Pro 2017 27 A by MXIMS.
    • The Glam Rack by BeverlyHillsSims.
    • Camera Nikon by Miguel Creations.
    • Drapery Delights by Peacemaker.
    • Loreal Make Up Set by leo-sims.
    • Industrial Office Plant by foreverdesigns.
    • Swivel Desk Chair by leosims.
    • Connection vase tall by SIMcredible.
    • Anye Stacked Cups by dreamteamsims.
    • Portraits Chimeriques Created by Rope.
    • DXS Too Faced no makeup makeup palette by pixils&converted by daisyxsims.
    • Society 6 Art by KeenPea.
    • Vega office – geometric figures2 by [Severinka].
    • Miroir de sol Agata by Mango-Sims.
    • My Essay Plant by SIMcredible.
    • Atwood Dining by Peacemaker.
    • Myra Living by Peacemaker.
    • Trilogy Monology Mirrors by Renorasims.
    • Vintage Glamour Arithmetically Challenged Divider by Peacemaker.
    • ParedesCopic by pqSim4.
    • Splendid Plain Moulding by Peacemaker.
    • PC Splashback Glass Tiles – Staggered Subway Tile by Peacemaker.
    • VEOX Wood Floor 3 By Pralinesims.
    • HL2Walls11 by Granny Zaza.
    • VEOX Wood Floor 3 By Pralinesims.
    • PS Bathroom Tiles By Pralinesims.
    • Manicure Bag by leosims.
    • [W] Technetium Console by Wondymoon.
    • [W] Ununtrium Desk by Wondymoon.
    • Minimalistic Dining, Retro Room – Dining Table by pyszny.
    • GraciouslyGeorgian by Peacemaker.
    • Oliver Tray Table by MXIMS.
    • [W] Protactinium Sink by Wondymoon.
    • IdiotAlarm by CandySims4.
    • Featureless Fiberglass Toilet Door By amoebae.
  • Pose Packs for Photoshoot:
    • Cute Pose Pack
      6 in game poses, No CAS poses. They have their own swatch, along with their own custom icons. So they will be easy to find! Credits: joannebernice.
    • Male Pose Pack
      6 in game poses for your male Sims. They come with its own custom icon so its easy to find, and you will need to play these in game, these are not for CAS. Credits: joannebernice.
    • Sexy Curves Pose Pack
       4 in game poses, not for CAS. Credits: Angissi.
  • CC for AEP FanMail:
    • Monster Dildo
      There’s 1 Object. In clutter. Credits: Noir and Dark Sims 4.
    • Realistic Dildo Set
      Includes 6 Objects. In clutter and wall decor. Credits: Noir and Dark Sims 4.
    • BDSM Devices
      Includes 6 objects: Riding-crop, X-frame (3 types), BDSM easel, Bird House, Penetrator, BDSM stool. Credits: Yr_Sa.
    • Bondage Devices
      Contains Pillory, Vertical Stocks, Vertical Stockade, GloryHole Closets (3 versions), Dancing Poles (3x for all Wall Heights), Caged Dancing Pole, BondageCross, Bed DoubleDildo. Credits: Azmodan22.
  •  Photostudio Venue
    When you get an invitation to the Erotic Photoshoot, you need a custom venue for this event to work.
  • NoVideoStation
    Video Station on the Computer and Separate Camera. The mod overrides computers’ tuning and adds video station inventory to all the computers. You can transfer videos from the mod’s camera (also works with AEP’s camera)  or streaming drone, edit and upload them to the Web. All the interactions are available under Media Studio>Video Editor Menu.


How to Install The Sims 4 AEP Pornography:

  • Make sure you have the WickedWhims sex mod installed.
  • Download this mod. Unpack the compressed package anywhere. There are two folders inside it: one called Tray and one called Mods.
    Note: If you update this mod, remove the old files and make sure you have only one Venue List file in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other moders.
  • Place all the files from the Tray folder into the “Tray” folder in game directory:
    Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray
    Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray
    Windows 10: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray
  • Navigate to the “Mods” folder and place all its folders into your game’s “Mods” folder:
    Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
    Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
    Windows 10: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  • Open the Gallery and select the My Library. Look for Advanced menu and make sure that the Include Custom Content box has a check mark.
  • Find the lot and place it in world from the Build Mod and don’t forget to enable bb.moveobjects cheat before placing!
  • Make sure that lot type of the venue is Photography Studio and venue is complete.
  • Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. To do that go to your game setting, click Game Options, Other, and see if Script Mods are allowed.
  • Happy Simming! Become a well-known, marketable star in pornography industry!


How to get started: 

Porn Star Career:

  • There is a new menu on a computer ‘’ where you can find interactions to ‘Watch Porn’ and also ‘Create a Channel’ at AEP ‘Live Cams’. Almost all of AEP’s interactions on the computer are in the AEP menu. It should be on the first or second page of your computer’s menu depends on how many mods you have.
    Adult Entertainment Production (AEP) has a phone menu now! You can find all of AEP’s phone interactions there.
    After creating a channel you can start earning money by doing live streams and Vip shows. You can stream every 12 hours. You can also talk to your subscribers and gain fame. The subscriber limit for LiveCams is 1 million.
  • After creating a channel at ‘LiveCams’ and getting enough subscribers your Sim will start to get Fanmail from the fans. You’ll also get messages from fans during Livestream. You will get a lot of filth from your fans!
  • There is now Cheat Menu which you can find clicking on your Sim with pressed Shift Button. And also, there are interactions to Activate and Deactivate sexy Fanmail. Sometimes Fanmail glitches after game or mod update, so if your Sim doesn’t get fan mail for some time, you can reactivate Fanmail in this menu.
  • If your Sim is wearing Sleepwear or Swimwear during Livestream they will get more money.
  • There’s ‘Parental Reaction’ interaction to the sexy Streaming. Lock the doors, because if your parents catch you, they will be really angry!
  • You have a daily task on the main level of AEP career to ‘Chat with Subs’. Daily Task ‘Respond to Fan Mail’ is added to the 9th and 10th levels of Acting Branch.
  • There’s ‘Promote to AEP Front Page’ interaction. Now you can do it every 12 hours.
  • If your Sim chose to pursue Porn Star career through the official job, then on Acting Branch they will get access to the Advertisement Deals on the computer. The higher your level, the more deals you get. You will get money for this and even can get send some custom condoms to try.
    You will get a job offer from AEP only when you have 1000 or more subscribers.
  • If your Sim in the Acting Branch of the career, they can sell their phone interview. You can find this interaction on the phone. The outcome of ‘Sell Interview’ interaction will depend on the mood of your Sim and charisma skill.
  • If you have a channel at the ‘LiveCams’ you can get an invitation to the Erotic Photoshoot. You will get just one call anytime during the day (when your Sim is not at work) and will travel to the photoshoot venue right away. It’s an active event where you will need to perform tasks and your pay will depend on how well you perform.
    Photoshoot Event will bring your Sim fame. Fame amount depends on the successfulness of the event.
  • Click on Photo Studio object to ‘Take Erotic Photo’. After the photoshoot you can get your photos by ‘Ask for Photos’. You can take five shots during photoshoot.
  • You can ‘Hire Photographer’ at home. For this, you need ‘In a Flash Photo Studio’.
    You can also ‘Dismiss’ hired photographer.
  • There is also a Medio Studio menu on the computer where your Sim can practice editing skill.
    Now you can Edit your Photos! Photo Editor is available to Sims with level 3 Media Production skill and located in the Media Studio Menu. Also, there is a small 2% chance of your Sim messing up editing and destroying the photo.
  •  The porn industry is constantly changing and evolving, and it requires actors who are flexible, eager, and willing to try new things. Test out new gigs as you become comfortable in the industry to take your career to the next level.
  • You can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet. For this, you will use custom camera Vivus 3000 to record and video stations from ‘Get Famous’ pack to upload. You can record Solo Sex Video(self-explanatory), CaughtIntheAct(for videos where your Sims are literally caught in the act at home or in public space), YoungSim/OldSim ( again, self-explanatory, Elderly sexy times), Technosexual ( if you want to record with your friendly Servo), CelebretySexTape ( I don’t need to explain this one, right?).
    Your Sim will get excited or nervous buff after uploading sex videos depending on your mood. If your Sim has positive satisfaction buff all videos will be of normal quality initially, if satisfaction buff is negative then the video will be of poor quality.
    Now every type of recorded sex video has its own royalty payment. Bad and Unidentified videos have the lowest royalty payment, then go Good Sex, Ghost sex, and Group Sex, First-Time video and CelebretySexTape have the highest royalty payment. CelebretySexTape has the biggest royalty and you will also get big fame increase after you uploaded it, as well as new moodlet. Of course, payments increase depend on the quality of the video, editing, and effects as always. You can Edit recorded naughty videos on video station.
  • Famous Sims gain more fame for recorded porn videos. Sims who are officially working at AEP Entertainment will lose less reputation for recorded home porn.
  • Interactions ‘Watch Porn’, ‘Research New Sex Position’, just camming will increase your Sexspertise skill.
    ‘Watch Porn’ interaction will use animations for Whicked Whims sex mod. Your Sim will get Self-Satisfaction buff in the end and if someone poor Sim walks in on your Sim, they will get interesting buff and lose a little bit of relationship. Also, it matters who walks in on your Sim, their other half, the parent, or just a roommate. ‘Watch Porn’ interaction also has a 2-hour cooldown now.
  • The Starlight Venus Award is a new award ceremony for pornstar and anyone who works in the adult entertainment industry! The event is held at 7 PM every Tuesday in any lounge with ‘Up-and-Coming Hotspot’ lot trait. It works, in the same way, Starlight Accolades works, but all the attendees are workers of the porn industry (professionals and amateurs) who are nominated in various categories. Your Sim also can be nominated for their work in the AEP career or even for their online activity including video recordings they upload to the internet!
    Your Sim can be nominated in the following categories: (Best Amateur Release; Best Solo Star; Best Supporting Actor/Actress; Best New Starlet; Most Outrageous Sex Scene; Best Anal Sex Scene; Best Oral Sex Scene; Best BDSM Release; Best Lether Video; Best Spanking Scene; Performer of the Year; Best Actor/Actress; Best Editing; Best First Time Video; Best Solo Video; Best Group Sex Video; Best Ghost Sex Video; Best Director; Best Film; Award for Achievements in the Adult Industry).
    If your Sim win the award they will get a boost to their fame and a custom trophy!

Pornographic Film Producer Career:

  • You can buy your own Personal Video Studio, where you will be able to conduct all your naughty video business. You can buy a Personal Video Studio through the “Household” menu on a computer or a phone.
  • You can buy any residential lot, which will turn into Video Studio. You can also create a Video Studio lot and buy it later. Personal Studio has a list of required and optional objects. Video Station is optional, just if you’re using the Video Station Mod and uploading your videos through the computer. If you don’t use it, you need a video station to upload your recorded videos.
  • This lot counts as a business lot, so you will need to transfer funds to the studio budget. However, the business panel doesn’t work; the only button that works is ‘Sell’. Don’t touch anything else; forget that it exists.
  • Now, you own your Personal Video Studio, and while on the lot, you can hire a Camera Operator. He will shoot your video and always provide great quality recordings. The Camera Operator can only work with professional stationary cameras. Their services last for 6 hours, and it should be enough to do anything you Sim want.
  • To start the recording process, first, you need to give notes on the scene. This interaction can be found in the ‘Camera Operator’ menu there you can also find other social interactions that will give your Sim different outcomes. For example, ‘Ask for Advice on Lighting a Scene’ will increase your Media Production skill.
  • After you gave notes, ‘Recording” menu will become available when you click on the camera. To start recording, click ‘Action’, and Sim will get familiar ‘Recording in Progress’ buff.
  • Click ‘Cut’ when you want the recording to stop, and video will be generated depending on what WW satisfaction buff your Sim has. You always need to stop the recording manually if you want to get the video. If time runs out and Camera Operator leaves, you won’t get your video. Since Stationary Cameras don’t have their own inventory, recordings will be in your Sim’s personal inventory, from where it can be transferred to the video station as usual.
  • You can also hire Co-Stars. Yes, you can hire porn actors to be in the videos with you!
  • You can hire them through your phone, one person at a time, and you can’t hire more than three actors. You can hire any person who works at AEP or have a channel at LiveCams and have a fame level of 3 or lower. If you don’t have Sims like that in the world, the game will create them automatically. Their services also last for six hours, and during this time, they won’t gain any romantic relationship with your Sim from any romantic interactions or sex. They also won’t get jealous.
  • Change distance constraints for transferring a video from a camera to a video station. It will help to avoid the game’s bug when your Sim or camera is too far away from the video station.
  • You have also Video Station On the Computer and Separate Camera. You can transfer videos from the mod’s camera (also works with AEP’s camera) or streaming drone, edit and upload them to the Web. All the interactions are available under Media Studio>Video Editor Menu.
    There will be specific interaction on the camera and streaming drone to transfer videos to the computer and not video station. This interaction marked with a computer icon. The videos will be transferred to the computer that is closest to the Sim and the camera/drone. You can also transfer videos on a community lot as long as your Sim has laptop they own with them.
    After transferring the videos you can edit and upload them from the computer inventory, the same way you would do it on a video station. All video station’s interactions are still there, but computer’s interactions are under Computer Menu. 
    To record videos you have in-mod camera. With its help you can record all the videos that are available on video station. Just remember to use bb.moveobjects cheat to put table near the camera when you want to record Product Review. Otherwise, spawned objects will just  float  in the air.
    The bb.moveobjects cheat (MoveObjects) allows you to place objects anywhere without interfering with objects around the object you’re placing. To use this cheat, open the cheat console using CTRL + Shift + C , type in bb.moveobjects and then press enter. To disable this cheat just enter the cheat again. For best results when placing objects using this cheat, press the Alt keyboard button and you’ll be able to place objects without grid limitations.
  • You can build your own Photography Studio. Fulfill the requirements and ensure there is one well-functioning computer on the front desk. In this way, either studio is supposed to work well.


Q.: I cannot get this to show up. I have enabled custom content and have the different files in the Tray as well.
A.: Put Tray files into Tray folder, package files into Mods folder. Turn on Custom Content in the game settings. Go to Library, tick “Include Custom Content”. Look for AEP INC.

Q.: I can’t find it in my library, do I need some expansion packs?
A.: Turn on ‘Include Custom Content’ in your library.

Q.: What are the lot requirements for the Photography Studio? I have placed the sink, waste disposal, toilet, In a Flash Studio, coffee maker, fridge, and mirrors but two of the requirements are showing red and it doesn’t list what they are, its just blank. When I click them, it says “No results found.” Please help!
A.: You need All-in-One Styling Station and Wondrous Wardrobe Platform that came with Get Famous.

Download & Update the Sims 4 WickedWhims sex mod to the Latest Version:

2022/09/29 Updated to the ver. 4.7.2a

  • Added the MagicLight Photo Studio with all needed CC (see description).
  • AEP is updated to the latest version from 05 August, 2022. Supports game version 1.90.375.1020.
  • NoVideoStation is updated to the latest version from July 30, 2022.

Make sure to remove the old mod’s files before installation!

TS4 AEP Pornography Mod
TS4 AEP Pornography Mod
Version: 4.7.2a
238.4 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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  1. I already put everything on the map that you said you needed, but there are still two things that I need to put but they are unnamed, they seem to be cc could you tell me what it is?

  2. when i try to put all the reqirements for the lot the is one that doesnt show up so i cant finish it what should i do

  3. i cant seem to find the lot but i noticed that in your instructions you use windows in you examples. is it only available for windows users?

  4. ive done oll the steps but nothing shows up in build mode or the gallery. i did notice that you used windows in your examples, is it only available on that??

  5. Hey, I’m having trouble with my character working this profession. Every time I live stream at my computer, it does the penis jerking action instead of the vagina live stream action? My character is set to all female settings, so I’m not sure why it switched actions. I’ve played this mod multiple times, unsure why it’s only doing this now.

  6. for me the option to buy the Photo Studio is not on the Phone or Computer.

    but all the other stuff works. the adult website is there, the p*rn star career is there. it all seems to work. im just unable to buy a lot type called “photo studio” and yes the photo studio lot is in “my library” the only lots i can buy via the computer are: retail store, restaurant, vet clinic, and Strip club which is from a wickedwhims animation pack i believe.

    there is not option to buy a photo studio, i can put a photo studio on a lot trough world editor, and i can set it to the type photo studio. but i can still not buy it and do the film producer career. any idea what i might have done wrong. or if this mod interveres with the mod that adds the strip club?

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