Tomb Raider 9

Download here Tomb Raider nude mods and tomb raider 9 origins nude patch

Tomb Raider Transparent Shirt

Here’s a new nude mod for Tomb Raider. Lara’s breasts can be seen through the transparent top which huggies tightly around her body, highlighting her feminine curves. Credits: Vergil.

Tomb Raider 2013 Nude Skins

These are low resolution nude textures compiled together for those who struggle with copy/paste method or have graphics cards that can’t handle Tomb Raider 2013 higher settings. They work for 100% of the game. These files have Lara start out nude. Be aware that there are buttons on Lara’s Ass that can’t be removed yet. Credits: Gandalf. 

TR2013 White Wet Shirt

This nude mod makes Lara go braless in a see-through wet T-shirt. Also there’s a new set of Lara’s tan trousers (version 3.5) that should also work in cutscenes. Credits: Mick Budarrap.