Shadow of the Tomb Raider 7 Nude Skins

The mod adds 7 nude skins for Lara in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It removes Blue Heroin Tunic, Croft Fitness, Desert Tank, Midnight Sentinel, Angel of Darkness, Serpent Guard and Tactical Adventurer. 6 skins works in textures ultra. Only the 1st skin of campaign – standard adventurer tactic requires high textures. It includes the Special K tool by Kaldaien. Credits: mcdyn.

How to Install Shadow of the Tomb Raider 7 Nude Skins:

  1. Extract the mod’s archive with any archiver anywhere you want.
  2. If you haven’t the “SpecialK” tool installed before, navigate to the “SpecialK” folder and move the “Version” folder and “dxgi.dll”, “SpecialK64.pdb” files to the game folder where the exe-file is.
  3. Copy the “SK_Res” folder to the SOTTR’s game directory, where the “.exe” is.
  4. Start the game, go to the “OPTIONS”, set off “DIRECTX 12”.
  5. If you want to use the Tactical Adventure classic skin, set the game texture in HIGH. All other skins only work appropriately IN ULTRA textures, so set the texture in the ultra.
  6. Have fun!
SOTTR Lara Nude Skins + SpecialK
SOTTR Lara Nude Skins + SpecialK
Version: 1.0.3
73.2 MB

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