Shadow of the Tomb Raider Naked Women

Here’s a mod that makes many women of Shadow of the Tomb Raider bottomless. It contains Special K tool by Kaldaien. Credits: mcdyn.

How to Install Shadow of the Tomb Raider Naked Women

  1. If you didn’t install Special K before , you should go to the “SpecialK” folder and place the “dxgi.dll”, “SpecialK64.pdb”, “Version” folder into the game folder where the exe-file is.
  2. Copy the “SK_Res” folder and Paste to >> (SOTTR) installed directory game, where the “.exe” is.
  3. Run the game, launch OPTIONS, ->SET OFF DIRECTX 12, this mod work only DX11.
  4. Have fun!
SOTTR Naked Women
SOTTR Naked Women
Version: 0.1
26.2 MB

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