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Skyrim Female Nude Skins

Welcome to Female Nude Skyrim! This mod represents the woman’s body replacer. Added pubic hair options. Credits: dimon99.



  1. Main:
    This is female body replacer. It will change the way every naked female will look ingame. Base Main body goes from ‘slim’ to heavy ‘pin-up’. All females in the game will have the same body changed only by the weight slider. Many clothes and armors made for other bodies can still be used with UNP, your character will just change shape when wearing it instead of having the body she has when naked.
  2. Optional:
    All pubic variants (optional)
    Pubic hair options: Bushy (Pubic1), Bushy lite (Pubic2), Trimmed (Strip) and Shaved.


To be safe – backup these two folders so if you don’t like this mod, you can easily revert to whatever you had before:
* Data\textures\actors\character\female
* Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets
Delete any files from a previous body replacer to avoid conflicts.

Just download the mod archive and install its files in this order:

  • Extract the Skyrim_Female_Nude_Mod.7z file to wherever you’d like.
  • Copy and paste the “UNP_BASE_Main_body_V1dot2 ” folder into the Data folder in your Skyrim directory, which is usually here …steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data
    However, this is dependent upon where you have chosen to install Steam and/or Skyrim.
  • If prompted, elect to overwrite any files you are asked you to.
  • The mod is successfully installed. Enjoy! Next steps are necessary only for adding pubic variants.
  • If you want to install optional file with pubic hair, unzip the “All pubic variants (optional)” folder in any location.
  • Open this folder and choose any option (only one of them):
    • Bushy (Pubic1).
    • Bushy lite (Pubic2).
    • Trimmed (Strip).
    • Shaved.
  • Rename the chosen file to
  • Place it into skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\female
  • Allow for overwrite.

Skyrim Female Nude Mod
Skyrim Female Nude Mod
Version: 1.2
15.1 MB
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