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Skyrim Playable Beast Races

All-In-One! This mod adds 20 new beast races in Skyrim. Among these are Nemesis, Giant Minotaur, Ja’wa, DracoWarrior’s Daedroth, Bolgan etc. It contains two versions – Permanent Roleplay and 90 Second Polymorph Spell. The choice is yours. Credits: DisgruntledWombats, Mihail.

Video 1: Skyrim Playable Undead Werewolf Race
Video 2: Skyrim Playable Daedroth Race
Video 3: Skyrim [Polymorph] Ogroid & Bolgan


The author’s team did quite a lot of Beast Race Add-Ons in the past. They uploaded a compilation. This is not a compilation of Mihail’s work, this is a compilation of the Add-Ons based on his (and other peoples) works. This will save you the trouble of having to download 15 prerequisite mods and 15 of our mod add-ons just to get a decent experience. Now all you have to do is download ONE mod, that has only ONE file to download, and you only need ONE ESP activated.



  • Select which ESP you want activated – and it’s a choice between ‘Permanent Role-Play’ and ’90 Second Polymorph Spell’. You will find these ESP files in their respective folders of the mod’s archive. Place the chosen ESP file into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • Now, all you have to do is go into the “Data” folder and put ‘Meshes’, ‘Textures’, ‘Scripts’,  ‘SEQ’ & ‘Sound’ folders into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • Have fun!


Ogroid, Bolgan, Minotaur GiantGiant gameplay
Nemesis, DW’s Lesser DaedrothDraugr gameplay 
Dwarven SentinelIce Wraith gameplay
Ja’waRiekling gameplay
SloadFrost Atronach gameplay
CentaurBoar/Riekling gameplay
DW’s Daedroth, Mihail’s Daedroth, Garkain, Fleder, Undead WerewolfWerewolf gameplay 
Alt Vampire Lord, MimicVampire Lord gameplay
Mihail’s Lesser Daedroth, TyrannosauridGargoyle gameplay
Lich, Corprus SorcererDragon Priest gameplay


90 Second Polymorph Spell Version: Craft the Spell Tomes at a Forge to Polymorph. 

Permanent Role-Play Version: Collect the Soul Gem Token on Alvor’s Forge Table, and select your ONE race to play as.

Note: Recommended to polymorph in a remote area, and use the Become Friendly Spell to avoid townsfolk hating you. 

Sometimes after you polymorph, you may become ‘stuck’ in place. To fix this try doing one of the following: Switching equipped items/spells, Pressing CTRL, Dropping an item.

The Revert power has been removed. If you use the Permanent Role-Play ESP, you won’t need it. And if you have the 90 second polymorph spell ESP, you will revert back after 90 seconds.

Some races have a voice taunt ‘Spell’. 

The author’s team would have done spell work for all the races rather than just 8, but they ran into some crash-related trouble and will have to forego the remaining 12 races’ spell work. Perhaps with next update, we’ll get it for all the beast races. 

Skyrim Playable Beast Race Mod Pack
Skyrim Playable Beast Race Mod Pack
Version: 1.0
511.8 MB
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