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Batman: Arkham City bottomless Harley Quinn

This mod replaces Mourning Harley Quinn with nude version in Batman: Arkham City. Contains blood/bruises, tattoos, and a bloody hammer. Requires the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC. Credits: Fallsdipper (author), Vergil (base nude model).



  1. Replaces Mourning Harley Quinn character model with nude texture.
  2. Added and modified the thigh diamond shapes to give it a tattoo appearance. Altered size as well.
  3. Opened up the knee, shin, and part of the foot from her boot.
  4. Added bruises on the knee and a small clover tattoo on the foot.
  5. Added blood splatter on the chest.
  6. Modified nipple coloring.
  7. Typed the phrase “Ding Dong” on her top. Replaced the “O” with a dead frowny face (Harley Quinn normally has a dead smile face).
  8. Added heart “tattoo” on the butt.
  9. Added White diamond on left glove. White spade on right glove.
  10. Modified the hammer texture with blood splatter, diamond, and a dead frowny face (similar to her other mallets).


Update 1.1: modified “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” menu icon.
Update 1.2: fixed file placement (fails to load Character Model).



Turn off the DX11 effects and set the details to “Very High”.

How to install

  1. Extract the “BAC-Harley-Quinn’s-Revenge-frowny-nude-mod.7z” anywhere you want.
  2. Start Texmod.exe.
  3. “Target Application” is the exe of the game. Select the “BatmanAC.exe”.
  4. In “Package Mode” choose the “Harley Quinn’s Revenge frowny Nude 1.2.tpf” file.
  5. Click “Run”.
  6. Have fun!

BAC Harley Quinn's Revenge frowny nude mod
BAC Harley Quinn's Revenge frowny nude mod
Version: 1.2
26.6 MB
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