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Skyrim Dawrina Follower

This mod adds a wood elf named Dawrina the Naked Archer. She can join to you as a follower on your next adventure in Skyrim. Credits: Ivan Idea.



Race: Wood Elf.

Level: with the player from 1-100.

Location: near Riverwood.

Inventory: Glass Bow, Glass Dagger and 15 Steel Arrows.

Version 1.1
Added the ‘FemaleElfHaughty’ and ‘MaleElfHaughty’ voice types to the ‘FollowerVoicesAll’ form list.

  1. Extract the “Skyrim-Dawrina-Follower-mod” and place two folders (called “meshes” and “textures”) and “Naked Follower Dawrina.esp” file into your “data” folder in the location where Skyrim is installed (Typically in “Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data”).
  2. Launch the game. To find Dawrina the Naked Archer, you should go to the mill in Riverwood, cross the river, head left along the edge of the river. She should be stood in amongst some trees. Just approach her and recruit her as a follower.
    Note: If you get to Anise’s Cabin, you’ve gone too far. 
  3. Have fun!

Skyrim Dawrina Follower mod
Skyrim Dawrina Follower mod
Version: 1.1
110.4 KB
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