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Skyrim Nude Beach

Would you like to relax after your adventures in Skyrim? The mod includes a simple mead hall at the lakeshore with additional dungeon, a bath-bar and garden with all crafting and a new beach area. It also makes females nude when they’re sleeping in one of the beds or swimming at the beach and bath. Follower and performance are friendly, but it doesn’t work on player. Credits: Barrbarro.


  1. LAKE HALL (install it first)
    Key is in stump.
    Player house mead hall is at the shores of lake named Ilinatla. Includes:
    • Hall
    • Cellar
    • Den
    • Cistern Bath and Bar (the bath is in the cistern).
    • Garden and Stables
    • All crafting
    • Safe Storage
    • Well-Rested Beds
    • Weapon Displays and Racks
    Nude textures for female follower and performance. The mod works for Lakehall and bath ‘s beds, the cistern and beach area.

How to Install Skyrim Nude Beach:

  1. Unpack the mod’s archive anywhere. There are two folders inside it: one called “Lake Hall” and other called “Nude mod for Lake Hall”.
  2. Go to the “Lake Hall” folder and copy its “Data” subfolder to your Skyrim directory.
  3. Navigate to the “Nude mod for Lake Hall” and move its content to your game’s directory.
  4. Run the game. Activate the mods in mod list (in the Launcher).
  5. Done. The mod works automatically. For example, your followers can go nude near beach. Of course, you can lead the process. To undress your followers at the beach, just command them to walk into the water and let them follow. Same for bed and bath (the bath is in the cistern). 

OPTIONAL – If you have issues with the mod:

  1. Make sure you have installed the Lake-Hall first.
  2. Enter and exit a cell.
  3. If the scripts are still not firing, try to reinstall the mod.
Skyrim Nude Beach
Skyrim Nude Beach
Version: 1.3
245.4 KB
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