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Dead or Alive 5 Nyotengu Garter Belt

The mod adds a new sexy look for Nyotengu in Dead or Alive 5. She is naked except for her transparent panty and stockings with garterbelt. Added the AutoLink v3.30 tool by FallingCat that allows to alternate costumes for Dead or Alive’s fighters. Credits: Cfreitas.

Dead or Alive 5

How to Install Dead or Alive 5 Nyotengu Garter Belt:

  1. Unpack the mod’s archive anywhere. There are two folders inside it: one called ‘AutoLink-v3.30‘ and other called ‘mod‘.
  2. Navigate to the ‘AutoLink-v3.30‘ folder and move all its content into the game’s directory.
    Note: If you don’t know where that is, Steam will tell you. Right click on Dead or Alive in your library and choose Properties at the bottom of the list. Pick the Local Files tab and choose the option to browse to the files. Done! There’s your directory!
  3. Now open up the ‘NYOTENGU‘ folder in AutoLink. Inside that, make a folder called ‘##’, where ‘##’ means the number of the outfit slot you want to use for this mod.
    For example, if you decided to select the slot 1 for this mod, create the ’01’ folder without quotation marks.
  4. Go to the ‘mod’ folder and place its files into your ‘…\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round\Autolink\Nyotengu\##‘ folder, where ‘##’ stands for the name of the folder that you’ve made in the previous step.
  5. You’re ready! Run the game, start a fight, select Nyotengu and you’ll now see a new option in the ‘details‘ for her ‘##’ costume slot that says something like ‘Nyotengu Garter Belt’ that you can select.
    Note: The original costume of the chosen slot option is still there in the game so you aren’t overwriting that costume. However, the details option will now be switching modded costumes.
DOA5 Nyotengu Garter Belt
DOA5 Nyotengu Garter Belt
Version: 1.1
6.9 MB
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