Dead or Alive 5 Nude Marie Rose

This mod makes Marie Rose completely nude. Credits: Vergil.

  1. Download uMod and run.
  2. Turn on “global hook” (Main > Use global hook). (Just do this the first time)
  3. Add DOA5 to uMod (Main > Add game “Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round\game.exe”). (Only do this the first time)
  4. Run DOA5.
  5. Minimize the game and put all the dds files from this Dead or Alive 5 nude mod archive into the white window in uMod.
  6. You can do this with drag’n’drop, or if this doesn’t work add the dds files by right clicking
  7. into the white window of uMod and choose “Open texture/package”. You should be able to select all the files at once.
  8. Right click somewhere in that white window in uMod and choose “update (reload)”.
  9. Run Dead or Alive 5 and go to Marie Rose (costume 2). Enjoy naked Marie Rose!

Dead Or Alive 5 Nude Mod
Dead Or Alive 5 Nude Mod
943.3 KB

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