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Dragon Ball FighterZ Naked Kefla

Naked Kefura is here. The mod reveals the bare body of Kefla in Dragon Ball FighterZ. She also got bigger tits. There are two versions: topless and fully nude with bare feet. Added boob jiggle for the both variants. Included FZ LeanMaterials 0.1 by Lean. Credits: xxSJxx.

How to Install Dragon Ball FighterZ Naked Kefla:

  • Make sure you downloaded two archives (“DBFZ-Kefla-nude-mod.7z” and “Pack.rar”) from this page.
  • Extract the “DBFZ-Kefla-nude-mod.7z” with 7Zip archiver or another similar program anywhere you can find easily. Now you got 3 folders: “Pak Material”, “Fully nude Kefla” and “Topless Kefla”. Well, let’s just forget about them for a moment.
  • Extract the “Pack” folder from the “Pack.rar” in your game directory where the game’s “.exe” application is located.
  • Basically disable EasyAnti-Cheat by running it + uninstall it.
Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Rename your the “DBFighterZ.exe” application to “DBFighterZ-original.exe”.
Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Go to the “Pack” folder and copy the “DBFighterZ.exe” to your game directory.

Now you have two “.exe” files. After installing the mod you should run the modded “.exe” that you copied from “Pack” folder.

  • Now let’s get back to the location of the mod’s folders. Go to the folder where you unpacked the “DBFZ-Kefla-nude-mod.7z” file.
  • Move the “1. Pak material” folder to your “~mods” folder in your game directory: “…\RED\Content\Paks\~mods”.
    If the “~mods” folder doesn’t exist, you should create it manually.
  • You can only have one version of the mod installed. Select the “Topless Kefla” or “Fully nude Kefla” folder and drag it to the “~mods” folder.
  • Done! Run the game via the modded launcher called “DBFighterZ.exe” (you copied it from the “Pack” folder). Play offline.
    Note: If you want to play online, you can’t use this mod. The best thing to do is remove all files related to modding and reinstall easy anticheat.
  • Enjoy!

Download both files:

Version: 1.1
6.3 MB
Version: 1.0
12.0 MB
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